Maharashtra polls: BJP determined to rule state with NCP support?

Oct 19, 2014, 22:14 IST | Team mid-day

The BJP expressed determination to rule Maharashtra after emerging as the single largest group in a hung house Sunday after the NCP offered unexpected "outside support" to it

The BJP expressed determination to rule Maharashtra after emerging as the single largest group in a hung house Sunday after the NCP offered unexpected "outside support" to it, leaving the runner up Shiv Sena high and dry.

Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah declared in New Delhi that the party "would form the government in Maharashtra", but its make-up would be decided later.

Latest leads in the state are as follows

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014

A total of 4,119 candidates are in fray for the 288-member assembly.

In one of the major upsets in the state Congress leader Narayan Rane lost from Kudal constituency in Sindhudurg district.

Maharashtra Assembly Election results, Vote counting, Mumbai

A counting centre in Mumbai. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi

Seeing the writing on the wall, the NCP blamed the Congress for the impending rout. "It all happened because of Chavan," NCP's Nawab Malik told the media, referring to former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan of the Congress.

"He had no understanding of the issues in Maharashtra, he did not take the right decisions, and he didn't act when he had to. He is responsible for the state of both the Congress and the NCP," Malik said.

The NCP and Congress have been in power in Mahrashtra for 15 years. The coalition came apart just before the Oct 15 polls, leading to President's Rule in the state.


North-East constituency

PRAKASH MEHTA - BJP - Ghatkopar east constituency

RAM KADAM - BJP - Ghatkopar west constituency

SARDAR TARA SINGH – BJP - Mulund constituency

ASHOK PATIL - Shiv Sena - Bhandup constituency

SUNIL RAUT - Shiv Sena - Vikhroli constituency

ABU AZMI - Samajwadi Party - Mankhurd Shivaji Nagar constituency

North Central Constituency

MANGESH KUDALKAR- Shiv Sena- Kurla constituency

SANJAY GOVIND POTNIS- Shiv Sena- Kalina constituency

KHAN MOHD. ARIF (NASEEM)- Congress- Chandivali constituency

PRAKASH (BALA) SAWANT - Shiv Sena- Bandra east constituency

ADV. ASHISH SHELAR - BJP- Bandra west constituency

PARAG ALAVANI - BJP- Vile Parle constituency

North-West constituency

DR BHARATI LAVEKAR - BJP - Versova constituency.

RAMESH LATKE - Shiv Sena - Andheri East constituency.

RAVINDRA WAIKAR - Shiv Sena - Jogeshwari East constituency.

SUNIL PRABHU - Shiv Sena - Dindoshi constituency.

VIDYA THAKUR - BJP - Goregaon constituency

AMEET SATAM - BJP - Andheri West constituency 

South Mumbai constituency

RAJ PUROHIT – BJP - Colaba constituency
AMIN PATEL – Congress - Mumbadevi constituency
MANGAL PRABHAT LODHA – BJP- Malabar Hill constituency
WASIR PATHAN - MIM - Byculla constituency
AJAY CHAUDHARY – Shiv Sena - Shivadi constituency
SUNIL SHINDE – Shiv Sena - Worli constituency
SADA SARVANKAR – Shiv Sena - Worli constituency
KALIDAS KOLAMBAKAR – Congress - Wadala constituency
CAPTAIN TAMIL R. SELVAM – BJP - Sion-Koliwada constituency
VARSHA GAIKWAD – Congress- Dharavi constituency

The latest leads of election results in Mumbai:

Worli final result:
Sunil Shinde (Shiv Sena) -60,345
Sachin Ahir (NCP) -37,547
Sunil Rane (BJP) -30,780

Byculla final result:
Adv Waris Pathan (MIM) – 25314
Madhu Chavan (BJP) -23957
Madhu Chavan (Cong) -22021
Geeta Gawali (ABS) -20895

Shivadi final results:
Ajay Choudhary (Shiv Sena) -74,462 (Won by 41,909)
Bala Nandgaonkar (MNS) -30,553
Shalaka Salvi (BJP) -21,921

Mahim constituency: Second round of vote counting: Shiv Sena's Sada Sarvankar is leading.

Nitin Sardesai (MNS) – 2276 votes
Sada Sarvankar (SS) – 2735 votes
Praveen Naik (Cong) – 460 votes
Vilas Amberkar (BJP) – 741 votes

Trends of 16 seats: BJP and Congress leading on 4 seats each, Shiv Sena and NCP on 3 seats, the Independents in the rest.

Colaba constituency:
Raj Purohit (BJP) - 3809
Ani Shekhar (Cong) - 424
Sakpal (SS) - 2383

Magathane first round of vote counting:
Darekar - 1324;
Surve – 4166
Mehta – 1797
Sachin Sawant – 994
Total votes - 8844

Mankhurd Shivaji Nagar: Samajwadi Party leading first round with 3539, Congress 837, Shiv Sena 542, MNS 70, MIM 26

Anushakti Nagar: Nawab Malik leading with 173
At Kurla BJP leading with 174

In postal votes round in Versova,
Manish Dhuri (MNS)- 15,
Bharati lavekar (BJP) -13,
Baldev Khosa (Cong)-5 and
Narendra Verma (NCP) -3

Kalina first round: 
Kripa Shih - 1561
Chandu More - 1168
Amarjit Shih - 1789
Potnis - 3011
Badgujar - 120
NOTA -149

Kandivali (East) first round:
MNS leading - 3647
Congress- 1050
Shiv Sena-890

Dahisar third round:

Manisha Chaudhari (BJP)- 4439
Vinod Ghosalkar (Shiv Sena)- 2425

At Sewri-
Ajay Choudhari (Shiv Sena) - 3937
Bala Nandgavkar (MNS) – 1699

Magathane second round:

Darekar 2853;
Surve 9143;
Mehta 3009;
Sachin Sawant 1500; Total votes -17000


Chembur second round:
Chandrakant Handore (Cong)-5113
Deepak Nikalje (RPI)-4118
Prakash Patharpekar (Shiv Sena)-2251
Ravindra Pawar (Cong)-307

Goregaon third round:

Vidya Thakur (BJP) -10372
Subhash Desai (Shiv Sena) -6564

Malad (West)
Barot (BJP) -22053
Aslam Shaikh (Cong) -18449
Vinaj Jain (Shiv Sena) -5559

Bandra (East) forth round:
BJP -7498
SS -9523
Cong -2710
NCP -1154
MNS -1628
SP -150
AiMim -5083

Bhandup (West) third round:
Ashok Patil (Shiv Sena) -6368
Lal Bhadur Singh (NCP) -3369

Magathane sixth round:
Darekar -7770
Surve -21799
Mehta -13818
Sachin Sawant -33765; Total votes -48949

Mankhurd tenth round:
Samajwadi Party -27046
Congress -10354
Shiv Sena -10128

Mulund ninth round:
Tarasing (BJP) -43431
Sapra (Cong) -10713
Shinde (Shiv Sena) -11410

Dahisar tenth round:
Manisha Chaudhari (BJP) - 33352
Vinod Ghosalkar (SS) - 19643
Sheetal Mhatre (Congress) - 12681
Shubha Raul (MNS) - 9037

Chembur seventh round:
Prakash Phaterpekar (Shiv Sena) -16093
Handore (Cong) -13407
Dipak Nikalje RPI(A) -12371

Mankhurd twelfth round:
Samajwadi Party -2453
Congress -1293
Shiv Sena -829

Anushakti Nagar ninth round:
Nawab Malik (NCP) -20473
Tukaram Kate (Shiv Sena) -16528

Dahisar eighth round:
Manisha Chaudhari (BJP) -26538
Vinod Ghosalkar (Shiv Sena) -13978
Shaubha Raul (MNS) -7141

Magathane eighth round:
Prakash Surve (Shiv Sena) -26567
Hemendra Mehta (BJP) -17696
Pravin Darekar (MNS) -12053

Worli tenth round:
Sunil Shinde (Shiv Sena) -34108
Sachin Ahir (NCP) -20824
Sunil Rane (BJP) -18158
Vijay Kudtarkar (MNS) -5729
NOTA -890

Mahim tenth round: Nitin Sardesai of MNS leading with 1800 votes
Nitin Sardesai (MNS) -22329
Sada Sarvankar (Shiv Sena) -20558
Praveen Naik (Cong) -8416
Vilas Amberkar (BJP) -16630

Mulund sixteenth round
Tara Singh (BJP) -75028
Sapra (Cong) -20309
Shinde (Shiv Sena) -19851

Mankhurd fourteenth round:
Samajwadi Party -1867
Congress -1448
Shiv Sena -1409

Goregaon tenth round:
Vidya Thakur (BJP) -26772
Subhash Desai (Shiv Sena) -24495

Mumbadevi sixth round:
Amin Patel (Congr) -15832
Atul Shah (BJP) -10518
Shahid Rafi (Mim) -6180

Malad fifteenth round:

Aslam Shaikh (Cong) -36936
Ram Barot (BJP) -47908
Vinay Jain (Shiv Sena) -13290
MNS -12055

Dahisar nineteenth round:
Manisha Chaudhari (BJP) - 68909
Vinod Ghosalkar (Shiv Sena) - 35902
Sheetal Mhatre (Cong) - 19653
Shubha Raul (MNS) - 16290

Mankhurd nineteenth round:
Samajwadi Party -39966
Shiv Sena -24237
Congress -21464

Kalina sixteenth round:
Chandrakant More (MNS) -35642
Adv Haldankar (CPI) -26439
Kripashankar Singh (Cong) -11722

Ghatkopar (West) ninth round: BJP leads by 15,784 votes
Ram Kadam (BJP) -32,528
Sudhir More (Shiv Sena) -16,744

Ghatkopar (East):
Prakash Mehta (BJP) -67012 (leading by 40127)
Jagdish Chheda (Cong) -26885
Satish Narkar (MNS) -7696
Rakhi Jadhav (NCP) -10471
NOTA -1842

Belapur, Navi Mumbai twentieth round:
BJP -2547
NCP -1547
Shiv Sena -1321
Congress -420

Airoli, Navi Mumbai twenty secondth round:
NCP -60620
Shiv Sena -59566
BJP -36608
Congress -7443
MNS -3666

Ghatkopar (West) twelfth round:
Ram Kadam (BJP) -4479 (leading by 20630)
Sudhir More (Shiv Sena) –2770
Dilip Lande (MNS) -1175
Harun khan (NCP) -326 
Ram Govind Yadav (Cong) -296

Ghatkopar (West) thirteenth round:
BJP -5406 
Shiv Sena -1715 
MNS -992
NCP -342
Congress -289

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