Maharashtra stands 4th among HSC's 9 divisions, has the highest 90+ scorers

May 31, 2018, 07:20 IST | Pallavi Smart and Suyash Karangutkar

While city ranks 4th among state board's nine divisions in overall passing percentage, it takes the cake with the highest number of 90+ scorers

HSC results
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Putting an end to the anxious wait of lakhs of students, the Maharashtra State Board declared results of its Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams on Wednesday. The overall state result has dropped by more than one percent from 89.50 per cent in 2017, to 88.41 per cent this year. For the Mumbai division too, the overall passing percentage has dropped from 88.21 per cent in 2017 to 87.44 per cent this year. It now ranks fourth among the state's nine divisions, whereas the Konkan division has scored the highest, with a passing percentage of 94.85. However, Mumbai does have the highest number of 90 and above scorers in the entire state. (See box: Highest 90+ scorers)

While the overall result has seen a drop, the science stream continues to maintain its passing percentage at 95.85 per cent. However, arts and commerce streams have seen a major dip, from 81.91 per cent to 78.93 per cent in arts and 90.5 per cent to 89.50 per cent in commerce. In MCVC stream too, the passing percentage has dropped from 86.27 in 2017 to 82.18 this year.

A total of 14,16,986 students appeared for the HSC exam, which was held between February 21 and March 20, out of which 12,52,817 passed. Mumbai division alone had a total of 3,11,659 students giving the exam, from which 2,72,518 made it through. The papers were for a total of 210 subjects, and only 56 recorded a 100 per cent result. Since the results were declared online, students could access the provisional mark sheet. They can avail the originals on June 12 at their respective colleges.

3.11 lakhs
Total no. of students who appeared for the exams

2.72 lakhs
Total no. of students who passed the exams

1.64 lakhs
Total no. of boys who took the exams

1.38 lakhs
Total no. of boys who passed the exams

1.47 lakhs
Total no. of girls who took the exams

1.33 lakhs
Total no. of girls who passed the exams

Full of pleasant surprises
Khushi Bheda Ramnivas Ruia, 93.38%, Arts
Khushi BhedaFor Khushi, the result arrived out of the blue. She thinks it is possible to have fun and study at the same time. "Time management and confidence are the key to finish the papers well and on time," Khushi told mid-day.

Harshvi Pandya Mithibai, 94.15%, Arts
Harshvi PandyaHarshvi was so invested in her studies that even social media couldn't distract her. "Being away from social media really helped me the most as I had less distractions," she told mid-day. Besides thorough revision, a time table helped her complete her syllabus on time. "I am really keen on pursuing psychology further," she said.

Radhika Joshi RA Podar, 96.3%, Commerce
Radhika JoshiRadhika was expecting to score well, but was still pleasantly surprised by her result. "I had been waiting for the result since so long and it ended up bringing a huge sense of relief," she said. Currently, Joshi is looking forward to pursuing chartered accountancy.

Ronak Chaturvedi Mithibai, 94%, Commerce
Ronak ChaturvediFor Ronak, his SSC setback became the biggest driving force for HSC. "I knew what my goal was. I did not keep a complex study pattern and had daily goals. I preferred remaining relaxed during exams," said Ronak, the commerce topper from his college. "I am keen on doing CA," he added.

Simrita Janakiraman Pace Science, 96.92%, Science
Simrita JanakiramanSimrita knew she'd score beyond 90 per cent, but what she ended up with was nothing short of a surprise. "Since I was in an integrated course, I had to balance between HSC and entrance exam," she said.

Venkatesh Shenoy Pace Science, 96.7%, Science
Venkatesh Shenoy Venkatesh was a bit anxious about his result even though his papers had gone well. "I was preparing for JEE mains and advance, alongside HSC. I am so happy to have scored a little more than what I'd expected," he said. Venkatesh ensured he slept for at least 6 hours and played for an hour daily. "Sleep, food and play are equally important," he says signing off.

Anurag Thombre Mahatma, 63.55%, Arts
Anurag ThombreCerebral palsy, coupled with a learning disability posed a serious challenge for Anurag. Yet, his determination to do his best paid off. Ahead of the exams, his family had written to the board requesting them to allot a computer to him for the exams, instead of a writer. The board agreed. "I am happy with my marks," said a jubilant Anurag. "I focused more on reading," he added.

Kaushal Attal Pace Science, 81%, Science
Kaushal Attal When Kaushal logged in to see his results, he was startled. "It was a happy surprise. I was not expecting that much," he said. As a Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia patient, Attal cannot function in an environment below 27 degrees Celsius. "That was my biggest challenge. My nose starts to bleed if my body gets way too hot," said Attal, who appeared for his board exams in an air-conditioned compartment.

Meet Shah Balbharti college, 45%, Commerce
Meet ShahMalad resident Meet Shah studied while dealing with the death of his father, who passed away due to a heart attack on March 6. The learning disability-affected student's sole aim was to pass, a promise made to dad. "Considering his condition, there wasn't much expectation from him. But he made us proud," said Leena, his mother.

Vanshika Joshi SP college Pune, 71%, Commerce
Vanshika JoshiPune-based Vanshika Joshi proves the adage 'where there is a will, there is a way'. Disabled Vanshika studied her best to score 71% in her HSC exam. "I love to play with numbers and hope to be a banker," she told mid-day. Besides her parents and teachers, books of author Sudha Murthy were a huge source of inspiration for the teen.

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Most 90+ scorers
Even as overall passing percentage dropped for Mumbai, the city did have the highest number of students scoring above 90% compared to other boards. Experts said students should brace themselves for tough competition in degree college admissions. From 5,486 candidates who scored above 90% across the state, 2,288 are from Mumbai. While Konkan ranks first in overall passing percentage, it is the lowest in the list of number of students scoring above 90%, with just 67 in the bracket.

Passing percentage of girls

Passing percentage of boys

Competition rising
Dr Shobna Vasudevan, principal, RA Podar college
'The competition has increased a lot in today's world. Students are studying really hard and so we are seeing the result. For the fourth year in a row, Podar college has seen toppers in commerce. This just shows how degree colleges are going to get a lot of good students'

Dr. Kiran Magaonkar, principal, Guru Nanak Khalsa college
'Students from our college too have done really well. With the number of 90 per cent scorers going so high, the competition is expected to increase further'

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