Mahesh Bhatt flags off memorial lecture

Jan 17, 2012, 06:53 IST | A Correspondent

Director-producer hails Vijay Tendulkar as his writings revolved around common man

Director-producer hails Vijay Tendulkar as his writings revolved around common man

Director-producer Mahesh Bhatt inaugurated the memorial lecture series on eminent writers, an event introduced in the PIFF this year, yesterday. Delivering the memorial lectures on late Vijay Tendulkar, he said, "I feel that Tendulkar became famous as he was loyal to his work. He worked for himself, his writings revolved around the society." 

Candid talk: Mahesh Bhatt talks about Vijay Tendulkar at PIFF yesterday. 
Pic/ Krunal Gosavi 

Bhatt pointed out that the Censor Board has become more lenient, but the people are not ready to accept new facts. "One of my favourite movies, Saaransh, nosedived at the box office, but it became a big critical hit. However, my other masala films like Murder have worked wonders at the box office. It is very difficult to anticipate what the audience likes. So artistes should be ready to face everything." 

Drawing a parallel between Indian writers like Tendulkar and their Italian counterparts, he said, "They are loyal to their respective culture. In Italy, the realistic cinema became famous because of its simplicity. Similar austerity could be seen in Tendulkar's writings also. Tendulkar's writings revolved around the common man. He did not add unnecessary spice to it, his protagonists were real and original." 

Talking about opportunities available for budding writers, he said that there were a lot of avenues for young writers now. "There is also a lot of struggle in this felid, nothing is going to be a cakewalk for the new comers. Producers are looking for better scripts and stories. And if your work impresses them, they will certainly give you a break. There won't be any red carpet laid for new writers. 

But if someone slogs and struggles, surely he shall surely taste success. This was precisely the reason behind Tendulkar's success. He struggled a lot in the beginning of his career, but never gave up. A plethora of problems came his way, but never cowered before them. The writer continued his struggle till he tasted success." 

Bhatt said that no one wants to make controversial movies, they just happen during the due course of creativity. At times, people overreact to things. Situation has changed a lot since 1973 when Bhatt started his career as a director. 

"I used to visit Tendulkar's home during the Ganpati and eat Modak there. I liked his simplicity", said Bhatt. He pointed that he wrote what he lived so his writing were from heart and they became famous. 

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