Mahim resident wants to clean India by 2-2-22

May 22, 2013, 07:11 IST | Neha Tripathi

Shobha Rao of Wow-Clean India by 2-2-22 says has already begun her journey starting with Mahim

For most of us, Shobha Rao’s vision of a clean India seems unrealistic, but her grit and resolve will certainly have you rooting for the success of her initiative ‘Wow-Clean India by 2-2-22’.

Rao standing next to debris and garbage opposite St Michael’s church; the same spot after the drive by locals and BMC workers

Rao, a soft skills trainer by day and an activist round the clock, launched the initiative in Mumbai a month ago and has already tasted success after she cleaned up debris and garbage that has been lying opposite St Michael’s church in Mahim for over eight months. With the help of aware citizens and officials from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) she managed to install barricades to dissuade people from throwing rubbish on the road. “BMC has been very encouraging of our initiative.

However, there is a need for attitudinal change amongst people in order to bring about a bigger change,” Rao said. She hopes to rope in as many people as possible and has even started a Facebook page by the same name in order to encourage citizens to share their success stories. Rao, a Mahim resident, aims to clean up the entire nation by February 2, 2022 and feels that every individual should own up for his neighbourhood’s cleanliness.

As her next target, Rao said that her team in Mahim will now clean up G North ward. BMC’s Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Sharad Ugade, said, “We supported her in every possible way by providing her with our workers, debris collecters (machine as well as manual) and we will be there whenever she calls for help.”

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