Maintain T2 to keep world class label

Mar 13, 2014, 07:34 IST | MiDDAY Correspondent

Mumbai’s international airport’s spanking new terminal has come in for a lot of praise and rightly so

Mumbai’s international airport’s spanking new terminal has come in for a lot of praise and rightly so. The aesthetics and designs are well done and there is definitely a sense of pride as visitors look on in awe at what is a window to art and culture. But one month down the line, it is time for the airport to address a few problems and find solutions.

The mosquito menace plaguing the airport must be tackled urgently. Do not dismiss this as a ‘minor’ problem. It is obviously a cause of huge concern considering that officials are carrying electric bats to ward off mosquitoes, which is acute in the departures and arrival level of the terminal. It is good to know that fumigation has been taken up, but what is vital is that the source of the mosquito problem be identified, so that the problem can be weeded out at the root. Fumigation, repellants and others are stop gap measures.

Meet the staff needs
Meanwhile, it is important that the massive staff gets a canteen for themselves. It is an issue for the staffers and a canteen is not a luxury but a necessity for workers there.

The airport authorities need to look at the steep parking charges, Rs 110 to enter the area to pick up people, which is very high. Given that one has no option but to take the car till a certain point, as people are naturally carrying luggage, a re-look at this rate is certainly in order. Even if one is not stopping for too much time, one has to pay this high charge, which seems unfair.

Traffic problems can be handled in another way. Authorities would do well to look closely at signage leading to the airport. There is still some concern about clarity and visibility. Signage is surely the most important appendage and guide, so it should be spot on and absolutely right to avoid havoc and confusion. One cannot fathom why we make world class facilities without getting the basics right first. Seemingly small problems but all that needs to be looked at quickly, to make this world class label stick.

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