Major production house's co-founder quits

Jul 24, 2012, 08:55 IST | Jigar Shah

After 27 years at UTV, Zarina Mehta finally puts in her papers

They say a second calling comes in the lives of many. And it looks like Zarina Mehta, co-founder and CEO of a major corporate production house found hers, after working for 27 years at her present company. Buzz is that the lady has finally decided to hang up her boots and join an NGO.


According to our sources, an e-mail from Mehta has been circulated among company employees, where she has stated, “After 27 years, I have decided that I need to move on from my beloved UTV. 

It has given me such joy and fulfillment to create a vibrant, passionate, cutting-edge company that believes passionately in creativity at its core in building something out of nothing, in creating innovative, cutting-edge, break-out content. And how wonderfully that matches Disney’s core belief as well.”

It is understood that Mehta will be joining the SHARE foundation (Society to Heal, Aid, Restore And Educate) as their managing trustee. The NGO is a decade old and has a team of around 60 employees.

Mehta added in her note, “It has been 27 years of doing the same thing. And much as I have loved it passionately, I have felt the need to think about different challenges, to apply my mind and energy and passion to other problems.” Zarina Mehta is married to Ronnie Screwvala, another head honcho of the corporate production house. 

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