Make a lot of films, for the experience: Radhika Chaudhari

Jul 25, 2014, 07:48 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

A Family of Clowns is an 18-minute short film that has been selected to several international festivals. The guide spoke to Pune-based filmmaker Radhika Chaudhari about her experience

Q. Tell us about your experience of producing and directing the film, A Family of Clowns.
A. I give the full credit to my writer Daniel Wallace; his vision was good and so, we enjoyed making this movie. I loved the script from the very beginning and we shot it in Los Angeles. The movie is about letting go of what will not make you happy. The actress, in the end, does not say anything but her expression says a lot and that is what I liked about the end.

In the film, there is a family which is very disturbed and a family of clowns comes and stays next door to them, who teach them to be happy.

Q. How was your experience at international festivals?
A. So far, this film has been selected to five film festivals in the US: the fourth annual New York International film Festival, ninth annual Central Florida Film Festival, 16th annual Indie Memphis Film Festival, fourth annual Catalina Film Festival, and a film festival in Missouri. Most of these festivals are Oscar qualifiers. At international festivals, I see the passion for creating movies in every person who attends it.

Radhika Chaudhari. pic/Fahim Mulla
Radhika Chaudhari. Pic/Fahim Mulla

Q. What are your suggestions for filmmakers who want to make short films for international festivals?
A. At first, make short films, be patient and persistent, and try hard the next time if you fail once. There is less market for short films, for sure but if you keep on trying, you will succeed. The film must be as short as three minutes to a maximum duration of 10 minutes. The subject of the film should be appealing to all. Make a lot of films; it may not give you money but the experience that you gain will be lifelong. Take it as a challenge and keep updating yourself.

Stills from the making of the film
Stills from the making of the film

Q. What are your views on Bollywood?
A. I love Hindi cinema but only the movies that are original. Most of the Bollywood movies are copied from Hollywood originals, which is not a good trend. In Bollywood, I like Naseeruddin Shah and among youngsters, Arjun Kapoor. If I have to make a movie, I will surely take him in it.

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