Make for an app-happy cab ride

Aug 14, 2013, 04:02 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Booking a cab becomes easier as Meru Cabs launch its new app for Android smartphones

Available for free download from Googe Play, the Meru Cab app allows one to book a cab from anywhere in the country where its services are offered.

Smartly designed, the app requires one-time registration, which takes a few seconds. Start by selecting the cab type and time of pick-up. Thereafter, it takes you to a map, where you can select the pick-up point.

In case, the app has not picked up your location correctly, you move it around to guide the app to your current location (or expected pick-up point). You can also add your home and office address, choose a well-known point nearby your current location or add a new addresses. Once you have selected the pick-up point, it asks you to select the destination, which unfortunately, requires you to type an address instead of pointing it on the map like earlier, which is easy.

Available at Google Play Price Free

While booking a cab is easy, what makes it even more useful is the In Case of Emergency (ICE) Alert, which can be used to alert a trusted person (up to two) in case of emergency. The only downer is that the receivers also need to have the Meru Cab App installed in their phones in order to receive the message. We are not sure how many would like this idea?

Overall, if you use their services regularly, it makes sense to have this app installed on your smartphone, especially because of the ease with which you can book a cab without making a phone call.  

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