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Aug 20, 2012, 11:50 IST | Dhara Vora

Together, they've styled for several blockbuster movies. Now, Virginia Holmes and Natasha Nischol re-unite for Fat Mu's styling and make-up workshops. Dhara Vora pinned down Virginia for a checklist of tips to look like a million bucks

If you are in a hurry and want to look good, all you need is a little bit of definition to the key sections of your face, according to Virginia Holmes, co-founder of professional make-up academy, Fat Mu. Holmes along with her partner Natasha Nischol runs the city-based academy where they offer courses for professionals as well as amateurs.

While most Mumbaikars are strapped for time, Holmes suggests a quick-fix solution for a chic look, “Most Indian women have long hair. Hence, a classic sleek ponytail works the best. But to make it look a bit different, experiment with the parting; a slicked side parting works well with a pony tail. Also, different kinds of braids, especially loose braids kept on the side, go well for a casual look. But don’t make it too tight or it ends up looking very strict.”

A make-up workshop in session

Both Holmes and Nischol have worked on several hit movies including Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Luck By Chance and Slumdog Millionaire. Among the international stars, Holmes cites actress Carey Mulligan and singer Rihanna as her favourites. “Rihanna does a fantastic mix of colour, texture and different lengths. In India, they usually play safe but I think Kangana Ranaut is the only one who does something different everytime.”

As for make-up, Holmes says, “It’s very important to buy the right concealer. If it looks ashen around your eyes, it’s not right for you. Once you have that sorted all you need is a good translucent powder and a dab of transparent mascara to groom your eyebrows.”

Nischol and Holmes conduct workshops on different themes for professionals (a nine-week module) and make-up enthusiasts. “We conduct fun workshops such as the Bond Girl workshop, sessions based on Sex and the City and even the ones inspired by Lady Gaga. We have had housewives attending those workshops as they explore their alter ego. But those two hours work as an art therapy session as you forget everything and are creating something new. It makes you feel good about yourself,” she says.

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