Make-up artist Charu Khurana wins right to pursue hairstyling in Bollywood

Jan 09, 2015, 08:22 IST | Bharati Dubey

Make-up artist Charu Khurana wins right to do hairstyling too, seeks security while applying for dual membership

The Supreme Court has spelt out that women make-up artists are free to pursue hairdressing and related vocations in Bollywood after the Cine Costume Make Up Artists and Hair Dressers Association denied dual membership to them.

Charu Khurana
Charu Khurana

Last November, the apex court had acted on a petition filed by Charu Khurana and scrapped a sexist rule debarring women from working as make-up artists. However, Charu's decade-long battle against misogyny did not end there. Though the association reluctantly agreed to issue a make-up card to her, it refused to allow her to do hairdressing.

Charu not only filed a police complaint against the union, but also moved court again to ensure justice for herself and those of her ilk. The fresh judgment says those who have registered as make-up artists can also register themselves as hair dressers or costume stylists. "Needless to say the (earlier) judgment has been misconstrued by the association…. There cannot be any exclusivity or categorisation for any particular gender," it further reads.

Right here, right now Charu is thrilled that her fight is finally over. She says, "The court has now clearly said that one can work in both the divisions. Why should a talented person's expertise be limited when he/she can do both?"

Charu, who will visit the association office today to apply for dual membership, has sought police protection. "There were members who came to the office threatening to cancel their membership if I were given dual membership. I would like to see them react to this new development. If all goes well, I will start work by January 18," she says.

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