Make your kids paint a 40-feet wall

Apr 29, 2012, 10:30 IST | Sanjiv Nair

Pomegranate Workshop, in collaboration with Art: Works for You, takes the art class into public space this summer

The Pomegranate Workshop, in collaboration with Art: Works for You, an organisation that conducts art workshops, goes beyond the confines of the classroom and ventures into the public space. Priya Srinivasan, director of Pomegranate and Sonie Thakkar, founder of Art: Works for You have conceptualised an ongoing feature of outdoor activities with a simple modus operandi — creative expression for children in the public domain.

Priya Srinivasan, director of Pomegranate, conducts a workshop

The first of the aptly named ‘Think, Feel, Art — Outdoors!’ activities will involve painting a 40-foot long wall. Explains Priya says, “The 40-foot wall will be divided into 14 panels, with each panel representing a different art form. The children will also be split into 14 groups, with each group being oriented on a specific art form. They will be instructed on where it originates, its specialty, they will practice the art style for some time and then will work together on the image. There will be volunteers around the area, painters with expertise, who will facilitate the formation of each image on their respective panels.”

She adds, “We will be having panels depicting an eclectic mix of styles ranging from prolific Indian styles such as the Warli, Madhubani, Gond style, Ajanta mural style and Rangoli art to the more western Cubist Style and the somewhat indigenous African Masks and Australian Aboriginal arts style. The children will also be taught how to create optical illusions in paintings.” Thakkar will guide them through this exercise and will be accompanied by painter Shriniwas Agawane, an alumnus of JJ School of Arts.

The more obvious intent is to familiarise children with as many different art forms as possible. However, Srinivasan also hopes for a subliminal change to be triggered by the workshop. She wants the workshop to inculcate ‘the spirit of discovery’ in kids.

At: 3.30-6.30 pm, KK Rajpopat School, near ISKON, JVPD, Juhu
register: 9821498378 

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