"Making people dance makes me happy"

Sep 17, 2013, 01:29 IST | Ruchika Kher

UK-based House and Techno prodigy Darren Emerson is set to be back in the city for the second time to give Mumbaikars a reason to step into their dancing shoes. In an email chat with The Guide, the DJ gets candid about his love for Indian music and his journey so far

At an age when most kids are busy getting bruised on the playfield or are searching new ways to defeat their opponent in a video game, Darren Emerson used to be working overtime, mixing Hip Hop records. The DJ, who started experimenting with beats and sounds at an early age of 14, was professionally DJing by the time he was 16 and now when he is 42, is one of the leaders of the Electronic movement that has swept not just India but the entire world. Emerson is now ready to give Indians a heady dose of House and Techno.

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Energy is the king
“People, who come for my performance should expect to hear my regular blend of House and Techno with a few surprises thrown in,” says Emerson, pointing out that the USP of all his acts is the energy that he builds up. Emerson will be in India for a three-city tour that will start with Mumbai on September 20, followed by New Delhi on September 21 and will move to Chennai on September 22.

DJ Darren Emerson DJing during one of his shows

The magic of India
“I’ve always been a fan of Indian music -- I find it very emotional and melodic. Talvin Singh is ace on tabla; I love the sound of the sitar and even the other Indian strings are so cool,” expresses the artiste. Currently, touring apart, Emerson is concentrating his energies on a mixed-compilation for his label Detone, which will be coming out on CD in Asia, later this year.

Not a piece of cake
Finally, when we quizzed him about any cons of DJing, the successful mixer confesses that the only downside is that sometimes when he is away for extensive periods, he misses his family a lot. “But then, the clubbers and promoters make me feel welcome,” he admits. Before signing off, Emerson didn’t forget to mention that he is pleased to see Techno add House music progressing, and newtechnologies that are making it more enjoyable. “It truly is a great thing,” he sums up.

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