Malayalees, Bengalis gear up to celebrate New Years

Apr 11, 2013, 11:09 IST | Richa Pinto

While Malayalees will celebrate Vishu on April 14, members of the Bengali community are all gung ho about Poila Boisakh the next day

The coming weekend is filled with a number of festivals. While Malayalees will celebrate Vishu on April 14, members of the Bengali community are excited about Poila Boisakh the next day.

Both the festivals signify the beginning of a new year for the members of the respective communities.

One of the most important rituals performed during Vishu is Vishukkani, explains Sreekumar T, secretary of Kharghar Kerala Samajam.

He says, “Our samajam is known to distribute konnapoove (Vishu flowers) to Malayalees living in the vicinity. The day before Vishu, community members generally collect konnapoove from the samajam office. The festival is celebrated in Kerala on a grand scale. Families set up Vishu kaineetam, which among many is looked upon as a symbol of prosperity.”

The eldest member of the family gives Vishnu kaineetam on Vishu, which is some amount of cash to the children of house.

Since Vishu happens to fall on a Sunday, various dishes served on a banana leaf would be made available at the Kerala House in Vashi. Since the festival falls on a weekend the Kerala House officials are expecting several more community members to come and relish the feast.

Poila Boisakh
Vashi Cultural Association (VCA) would be organising a cultural evening on the occasion of Poila Boisakh at the Marathi Sahitya Mandir is Sector 6. Commonly known as Nobo Borsho celebrations, it marks the beginning of the new year for Bengalis.

Explaining about the festival, a VCA member and Vashi resident said, “Poila stands for first month and Boisakh is the first month of the Bengali calendar. This
year, we will also celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of the well-known poet and musician D L Ray. Besides, the members would be performing a few songs. In Kolkata, celebrations are grand. People wear new clothes and socialise. Besides, the day is also considered auspicious for buying something.”

The association would be inviting Ayan Bandyopadhyay from Kolkata, who would be performing a few songs on the occasion of Poila Boisakh.  

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