Malaysia Airlines crash: Neighbours pray for missing Mumbai family

Mar 10, 2014, 07:52 IST | Richa Pinto

The Kolekar family that went missing in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash has been residing in Borivli's Sukh Sagar cooperative society for the last 20 years; neighbours still hope that they would be found

The Kolekar family’s eldest daughter-in-law may also have been on the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing on Saturday, had she decided to leave a few days later than she did, with three other members of her family. Tejashri was married into the family only four months back, and had left for Beijing on February 23 to meet her husband, who stays there.

Still missing: Chetna and Vinod Kolekar at a ceremony in their home earlier

Three other members of the Borivli-based Kolekar family — Tejashri’s father-in-law Vinod, mother-in-law Chetna and brother-in-law Swanand — were on the flight. However, their neighbours at Sukh Sagar cooperative housing society are still hoping for good news.


Speaking to mid-day, Satish Ghogle, the secretary of the society, recounted his last meeting with them. “I met Vinod’s Kolekar’s younger son, Swanand on Thursday when he mentioned their 10-day trip to Beijing. It was a casual chat. I even met Vinod and we discussed their travel plans.”

The Kolekar family has been residing in the society at Yogi Nagar for the last two decades. The neighbours recalled the huge celebration for their elder son’s marriage in November 2013. Chetna had recently organised her first Haldi Kumkum ceremony.

Vinod Kolekar (55) is a retired engineer while his wife is a microbiologist. Their second son, Swanand, had recently obtained his Engineering degree and had given his entrance exams for M Tech.

“Both their sons were humble and down-to-earth. In fact, Swanand had actively participated in the silver jubilee celebration of the building,” said Sheetal Nag, a resident of the building.

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