Male weightlifters do better after watching pornographic videos

Jan 11, 2013, 05:07 IST | IANS

Male weightlifters can lift heavier objects after watching erotic videos, a study has found

Scientists showed different types of video clips to male athletes and then studied their workout performances, a major newspaper reported.

The experts found changes in salivary testosterone samples and subsequent squat performance, after the weightlifters watched the pornographic clips, according to a magazine.

Sex and relationships, Male weightlifters do better after watching porn!

Looking at different types of videos produced incredibly different reactions in saliva.

The report did not mention the origin of the scientific study.

Erotic, aggressive, funny, training and motivational clips prompted a noticeable increase in testosterone, while sad and neutral videos sparked a significant dip in testosterone.

Saliva samples were collected on six occasions immediately before and 15 minutes after watching a four-minute long clip. The male athletes then performed a squat workout.

The report said the study contributes to the idea that sex improves an athlete's performance.

Antonio Miguel, head of medical services at the Club Universidad Nacional Pumas, one of Mexico's top soccer clubs, said that during the 1950s and 1960s, people thought that sex had a negative impact on players' performance.

Juan Carlos Medina, general coordinator of the sports department at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, at Mexico university, said sex can help wipe out mental fatigue to leave them feeling refreshed and confident.

"It helps you feel relaxed and sexually, mentally and physically satisfied," Medina said.

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