Mallika hisses back at affair rumours

Sep 29, 2012, 07:04 IST | Jigar Shah

When confronted with questions about her alleged fling with Antonio Banderas, the actress tries to scare our reporter through her burly bodyguard

Mallika Sherawat had created quite a buzz in tinsel town after sources close to her claimed that she was having a roaring affair with Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Banderas. However, the lady has consistently chosen to stay mum on her apparent relationship.

Recently at an event to promote her upcoming film opposite Vivek Oberoi, when we tried to ask her questions about her new beau, the actress prompted her bodyguard to intervene and try and scare away our reporter.

The actress was first spotted dancing in Cannes with Antonio and then was later rumoured to have gone on a date with him. Our source says, “Mallika has always maintained a ‘no comment’ policy on this matter.”

When we tried to press her to reveal details about her so-called relationship, glances were exchanged between her and her burly bodyguard, prompting the bodyguard to give us ‘the look’. Mallika then flashed a smile at us and mouthed, “No comment.”

We wonder what’s to hide when the person concerned is Mallika. After all, thoda dikhao-thoda chupao was never her policy anyway! 

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