Mallika's a desi girl at heart

Published: Dec 16, 2011, 07:55 IST | Avantika Patil |

Back in the country after three-long months, Mallika Sherawat is celebrating every moment of her stay here. And surprise, surprise, she's even sporting Indian clothes

Back in the country after three-long months, Mallika Sherawat is celebrating every moment of her stay here. And surprise, surprise, she's even sporting Indian clothes. (She was in a white patiala and kurti when we met her for this interview). The actress, who's quite at home in Hollywood now, confesses to missing India big time. She talks to CS:

Who: Mallika Sherawat
What: Talking about missing India in LA

India aha!
I am very happy to be back. When I first went to Los Angeles, it felt so good to be there. But, after a while I started missing India. When here, I took so much for granted. But now, I find myself craving for my country and all things Indian. So much so, that I had a proper Ganpati puja in my courtyard in LA. I called a pandit and performed all the rituals. All my foreign friends where shocked. They were stumped and very curious to know why  I was worshiping an elephant. I continue to celebrate all our festivals abroad and my foreign buddies enjoy getting acquainted with our culture.

Me and my space
Coming from a humble background and a small town, I know what it means to value my independence. Girls are still not given equal status as the men in our country. Injustice towards women happens even in foreign countries, but the extent is nothing in comparison with India. Back in Haryana, girls aren't allowed to make their own decisions, forget about pursuing their dream careers. So, the fact that I pursued my dream passionately is the biggest achievement for me. It's not about wearing bold clothes or doing bold roles. I look beyond that. Every morning I get up thanking God for giving me the ability to earn my living in a dignified way. I can make responsible decisions for myself. Till date I don't regret even a single decision that I have made and I hope that it stays that way.

The real me
I like to believe that I am a strong woman. But the fact is that Indian media has always looked at me in a very one-dimensional way saddens me. I'm known as Mallika, the sexy babe, but there are so many other facets to my personality as well. I have made it on my own, without working with any big actor. I have never compromised and have led my life in a clean, straight way. I am like any other cultured Indian woman. I don't deny that there is a sexy babe inside me, but that's only for the camera. Ultimately, I'm an ordinary girl.

Contrary to
my image, I am not a party animal at all. And it's not that I don't like partying, but I just can't keep my eyes open after 10pm. And as you know Mumbai's night life starts only at mid night. I am an early riser. Even when it comes to dressing up, I don't dress vulgar. Whatever I wear, I make sure that I am confident in it. I don't do or wear anything that would embarrass me or my near and dear ones.    

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