Mallya in Hollywood?

May 18, 2012, 10:30 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

A little bird tells us that Siddharth Mallya is considering a Hollywood acting career and will be seeking admission to a prestigious acting school in LA soon

>> A little bird tells us that Siddharth Mallya is considering a Hollywood acting career and will be seeking admission to a prestigious acting school in LA soon.

“With his good looks and personality and the fact that he’s more interested in the show biz side of the business it seems a natural progression,” we were informed. Wonder if there’ll be an announcement soon.

Missing in Photo
>> More on the Delhi parliamentary scene. Often it comes across as the gang that can’t shoot straight.

Our jassoos tells us that though the official excuse for Pranab-da’s absence from the portrait to commemorate the 60 year anniversary of Parliament shot on Sunday was that he was ‘not informed in time’ the real reason was more significant: he wanted to send a message across to the powers that be.

The Kapur Conundrum
>> What on earth has happened to Shekhar Kapur’s film Paani? At some point or the other, the country’s most celebrated reconstructed accountant had announced projects that included: 1) An adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, 2) Paani, the Long Walk to Freedom, 3) A third episode in the Queen Elizabeth series 4) Motion picture on the life of the Buddha, 5) and an adaptation of a book by Philip Reeve, Larklight.

‘Paani to announced at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival to be produced by Danny Boyle and with a musical score by A R Rahman’ was only the latest in these exciting announcements, but the news trail appears to have gone dry on this too.

At various international festivals, Kapur had promoted the film by serving (and drinking) Mumbai slum water and announcing casting plans which involved Hritik Roshan and Kristen Stewart whetting the appetite of fans and admirers. So it will be interesting to see if Kapur considered Bollywood’s international ambassador will show up this time too in Cannes. However, an industry insider says the chances of audiences watching a new Kapur movie are slim.

“Why ever would he want to take on the headache of making a movie again, when he gets paid vast sums of money to read and vet Hollywood scripts?” Kapur was unavailable to comment on this, but we are still keeping our fingers crossed.

Brotherly Car-ma
>> Ever since Cain and Able didn’t see eye to eye and the two Muchad Panwallah brothers came to blows with sticks and stones in Mumbai, it’s been open season on brotherly affection. The latest in the series are the two sons of an erstwhile industrialist turned politico, who have not been on speaking terms for a while and who have now carried their rivalry to the streets in a way that only a Mumbai business family could: they have both purchased similar and identical versions of the same luxury car. Wheels within wheels we say. And no, it’s not the usual suspects!

>> Following the death of Lance Dane this week, his family has sent us a portrait of the noted collector and aesthete, painted by Anjolie Ela Menon.

We have been admirers of the Delhi-based celebrated artist’s canvasses of brooding women, solitary crows and charpoys, but had no idea she was so adept at portraiture too. We like!

Of Greek mythology and terrorist attacks
>> One of the most interesting new books to land on our table recently is ad man, book publisher and all round spiritualist Gautam Sachdeva’s Explosion of Love, about his life’s experiences in the spiritual world. Covering subjects as diverse as the 26/11 terror attacks (in which he was directly impacted), to his learnings at the feet of his guru Ramesh Balsekar to Greek mythology, the Tarot and the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj, the book, written in an open, honest and unpretentious way is a delight to read.


Sachdeva, incidentally, is a close friend and host of bestselling author and modern day sage Elkhart Tolle and we recall sharing a profound cup of tea with the two men at a SoBo coffee shop not too many years ago. Incidentally, the book begins with what must be the nicest words in the world, “One lazy Sunday morning over a cup of chai …”

Starbucks in Puppy-land
>> Starbucks, the people who put snobbiness into coffee beans and were slated to enter India with a fifty-fifty JV with Tata Global Beverages as Tata Starbucks Ltd, we hear is opening its first such coffee house in Gurgaon on June 5.

What sociologists will be watching is how the Gurgaon ‘puppy’ will respond to a close encounter with the overpriced Arabica bean and the company’s legendary ‘handcrafted beverages’ and posh service.

Will the road rage and the crime rate go up or down? Watch this space! 

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