Survivors lose loved ones travelling with them

Jan 03, 2014, 10:43 IST | Richa Pinto

The ST bus accident on Malshej Ghat claimed the lives of 27 passengers, severely injuring 10 others. Some of the passengers who survived lost family members who they were travelling with

Seven members of a single family lost their lives in the accident, claimed officials. Parshuram Sonawane (67), one of the deceased, was travelling from Goregaon to his daughter’s home in Tejewadi on the bus. His daughter was married on December 29 and he was on his way to her in-law’s home to bring her back for a day.

Pics/Sayed Sameer Abedi

His neighbour Harishchandra Pawar said, “His family is completely shattered. It was a very joyous occasion for the family as the daughter had been married just a few days back. He was going to bring his daughter home and his wife was waiting for them at home. He even informed his son-in-law when the bus left Thane.”

Megha Hande and her mother Anjana were travelling in the same bus. While Megha did not survive, Anjana was taken to a hospital in Pune. The state transport corporation’s chairman Jeevan Gore declared a monetary compensation of Rs 3 lakh to the families of each of the deceased. He said, “A passerby informed the Murbad depot about the accident, who then immediately informed the necessary social services which rushed to the spot.”

Gayatri Palekar, a banker who lives in Vrindavan, Thane, sustained facial injuries, for which she is receiving treatment at Sonawane Hospital in Otur. She was travelling with her mother, who did not survive the accident. Speaking to MiD DAY, she revealed that she was the first to be pulled out by the locals. “I was going to meet my guruji and left home early in the morning. I was semi-conscious after the accident,” said the 23-year-old.

Mamta Maurya, a medical student from Wagle Estate in Thane, escaped with injuries on her forehead, hip and fractured her legs. She said that the bus went downhill within seconds.

List of deceased

1) Poonam Baban Aaher, Aane, Pune district
2) Bhalu Tulsiram Aaher, Aane, Pune district
3) Baban Tulsiram Aaher, Aane, Pune district
4) Saraswati Bhalu Aaher, Aane, Pune district
5) Popat Natha Date, Aane, Pune district
6) Megha Hande, Hivare, Pune district
7) Parshuram Sonawane, Bhori
8) Kisan Nanabhau Chaudhari, Vadzire, Pune district
9) Karbhari Kurkute, Bhota, Ahmednagar district
10) Vimal Padekar, Bhota, Ahmednagar district
11) Tukaram Bavari, Jawale, Ahmednagar district
12) Vijay Kulkarni, Ahmednagar district
13) Radha Padekar, Thane ditsrict
14) Anil Sabale, Thane ditsrict
15) Khusboo Dalvai, Thane district
16) Prashant Aher, Aane, Pune district
17) Vaishali Aaher, Aane, Pune district
18) Sambhaji Jadhva, Pune district
19) Vadgav Aanand, Pune district
20) Kalyan Kisan Jadhav, Thane district
21) Devram Godke, Kondhari, Pune district

*This is the official list of the dead who have been identified

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