Malwani moral policing: DCP Deshmane ordered the raids, but Addl Commissioner Patil becomes the fall guy

Aug 15, 2015, 07:17 IST | Shiva Devnath

Addl Commissioner Patil, who was leading an inquiry into the issue, has been transferred to Nanded, while DCP Deshmane, under whose watch the policing happened, has come up smelling of roses

The recent case of moral policing where couples were harassed happened due to the orders given by Deputy Commissioner of Police Vikram Deshmane. But the police officer who is facing the wrath of the establishment seems to be Additional Commissioner of Police Fateh Singh Patil, who has been transferred to Nanded.

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In fact, when the incident came to light, the DCP staff along with the Malwani police were pulled up, and the inquiry of the case was given to Addl Commissioner of Police Fateh Singh Patil by Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria, who accepted that moral policing was not a good idea.

According to sources, Patil is paying for what DCP Deshmane did. It was Deshmane who had ordered the hotels and guesthouses to be raided in the Madh and Aksa area. When mid-day broke the story, the DCP and police claimed that the couples had not been picked up from the hotels. But when CCTV footage of the various hotels where the moral police had ventured into, was aired, the commissioner came forward and ordered Fateh Singh Patil to set up an inquiry.

According to a source in the police department, DCP Vikram Deshmane had ordered the Malwani raids, and Fateh Singh is becoming the victim.

“The raid was criticised by most Indians on social media. After it came to light, the image of the police was down and dusted.

Everyone knows who is behind the raid, but still Fateh Singh has become the victim of politicians,” said the source.

Sources say that Fateh Singh Patil has been penalised for an activity carried out by DCP Deshmane.

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