Mumbai: Man accused of harassment falls to death under mysterious circumstances

May 03, 2016, 07:11 IST | Shiva Devnath

The deceased’s wife alleged that he was pushed off the eighth floor by the girl’s family, who were thrashing him after she complained that he had been harassing her

A 37-year-old estate agent plunged to his death from a Lokhandwala building under mysterious circumstances, just minutes after a resident complained to the police that he was harassing her.

37-year-old Nitin Nair plunged to his death from this building at Lokhandwala circle, right after a resident called the police to complain he was harassing her. Pic/Tehniyat Fatima
37-year-old Nitin Nair plunged to his death from this building at Lokhandwala circle, right after a resident called the police to complain he was harassing her. Pic/Tehniyat Fatima

The deceased, Nitin Nair, was an estate agent who brokered deals for apartments in the New MHADA colony near Lokhandwala Circle.

Nitin Nair
Nitin Nair

The residential society witnessed high drama just before his death, as the complainant’s family, the man’s family and the police all landed up there looking for him. Instead, they heard a loud thud and found him lying lifeless on the ground.

Each family now has a different version of what happened – the girl’s family maintains that he either jumped or fell from the eighth floor to escape the police, while the family of the deceased claims he was pushed. The police claim he slipped and fell while running away from them.

Wife’s version
Nair would usually get home around 10 every night, but on Saturday, there was no sign of him even after 11 pm. When his wife Sujata called on his mobile, a girl answered the call and said Nitin was passing lewd comments on her and even threatened to have him beaten up. “I got scared and asked my uncle to check on Nitin, and I rushed there. When we reached, we saw the police were already looking for him,” said Sujata.

The cops finally found his body near building 1E and surmised that he had fallen from the 8th floor, which had been kept vacant as the refuge floor. A case of accidental death was registered, but Sujata insists the cops have got it wrong.

“He did not jump or fall off, he was killed. The police should the CCTV footage; it will confirm that he was being beaten up by the girl’s family. A resident on the 9th floor said Nitin went to his house to drink water and then ran to the 8th floor. If Nitin had intended to jump, he would have gone to the 8th floor straightaway. He had only gone there to hide,” said Sujata.

The building watchman also confirmed that he had seen Nitin being chased by a few people just minutes before he ran upstairs and fell to his death.

Girl’s version
The 18-year-old complainant lives in the nearby building B1, and was out for an evening walk. She told the police that for the past three days, Nitin would turn up drunk and taunt her with lewd comments, but he crossed all limits on Saturday night. She called her family for help, and as soon as they turned up, they began to slap Nitin and thrash him with slippers. Then Nitin got a call from his wife, so the complainant snatched his phone and told his wife about his behaviour. She also dialled 100 and called the police to the spot. But as soon as the police sirens were heard, Nitin ran into the building and was then found dead.

Police version
“The 18-year-old had called 100, complaining that Nair was passing lewd comments on her. On reaching there, we saw Nitin run up the stairs to hide from us, before he allegedly slipped and fell,” said API Thengle from the Versova police station, which has jurisdiction in the area. The cops added that if Nitin’s family could provide any evidence of foul play, they would investigate the murder angle.

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