Man accuses boss of bobbitising him

Oct 16, 2012, 07:07 IST | Vinod Kumar Menon

40-yr-old denies accusation, says he had a physical relationship with the complainant, who wanted to have a sex change operation; when he objected to the change, his lover threatened to cut off his own penis

The manager of a power loom factory in Bhiwandi has been arrested by the police for allegedly cutting off the penis of his staffer Muktar Ali Khan (26) with whom he is believed to have been in a physical relationship for the past few years.

On Monday, the Narpoli police arrested Rajesh Kumar Yadav (40) from Maru compound in Bhiwandi and booked him under Section 326 for causing grievous injury using a dangerous weapon. He was later remanded to police custody by the Bhiwandi court.

On Saturday morning, the Narpoli police in Bhiwandi received a phone call from KEM hospital in Parel saying that Khan had been admitted to its male surgical ward. The same evening, API Anil Awhad of Narpoli police station visited the hospital to record Khan’s statement, wherein he said that he had been working at the Babushet Loom in Maru compound, Bhiwandi for last seven to eight years and Yadav was the manager at the loom. Khan and Yadav hail from the same village in Uttar Pradesh and Khan was to leave for home on October 14.

On Friday around 8.30 pm, Khan claimed that Yadav, on the pretext of taking him out for a stroll, took him to an isolated spot near the tracks running past Bhiwandi railway station. They sat for a while, when Yadav allegedly tried to strangle him. When Khan fell, Yadav sat on him, lowered his pants and cut off his penis with a sharp-edged weapon. Khan informed the police that he used a stone to hit Yadav before he could escape.
Preliminary inquires by the Narpoli police revealed that that Khan and Yadav were married men and that their wives and children stay in UP. On the basis of the complaint received from Khan, the police arrested Yadav from the power loom yesterday.

Khan’s side
Though Yadav admitted that he and Khan shared sexual relations, he denied having assaulted Khan. API Awhad said, “Yadav informed us that Khan wanted to undergo sex change surgery, so that Khan could stay with him as his wife. But this did not go down well with Yadav. Khan then threatened to take revenge and frame Yadav in a false case. He also threatened that he would cut off his own penis.”

Point of no return
Speaking to MiD DAY from ward no 6 of KEM hospital, Khan said, “I am married and never had any physical relationships with Yadav. And if it is a self-inflicted wound, as Yadav claims, then how are there nail marks on my neck?” He added, “Yadav wanted to kill me. He has ruined me forever. I want to go back to my family in UP, I won’t return to Mumbai ever again. I have lost everything, I am not a man anymore.”

Dr Shilpa Rao, unit head of the surgery department said, “Though we come across cases of blunt injuries and fractures to the penis, this is the first time we have encountered a cut penis. We wanted to operate upon him within the golden hours as the penis was just hanging. But as we didn’t get required permission from the relatives, we could not start the surgery. When they finally gave consent, the golden hour had passed and the organ could not have been saved.”

Rao added that half-an-inch of his penis is still intact, which is sufficient for him to pass the urine. It would however be impossible for him to have sexual intercourse, or an erection. “He will undergo psychiatric evaluation and discharge him within two to three days. The future line of action like an implant would be decided later” he added.

Dr Ketan Vagolkar, professor of Surgery at D Y Medical College said, “This is one of the rarest case of post traumatic injury. In a complete transition of the penis, if the patient is not brought within the golden hours and operated upon immediately then the chances of the transited penis being taken up after reconstruction is extremely poor.”  

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