Man arrested after buying 10ft stolen python on drunken night out

Mar 29, 2013, 09:23 IST | ANI

A boozy reveller from Coventry, UK suffered a real hangover from hell when he woke up next morning to discover he had bought a 10ft stolen python

Dwayne Matthews agreed to buy the pinched monster snake off a traveller during a drunken night with pals, the Mirror reported.

But he woke up the next morning to discover the African rock python - called Bruce - rearing up at his mate who was sleeping on the sofa.

Matthews’ solicitor described the bizarre incident as “like a sub-plot from a Guy Ritchie film.”

After finding the reptile trying to eat his pal, the shocked 29-year-old grabbed a duvet and threw it over the beast.

Hatke news, Man arrested after buying stolen python

Matthews was arrested after trying to palm the 14kg python off on a reptile shop.

He was handed a suspended eight-week prison sentence after admitting receiving stolen goods.

The drama began on January 11 when a traveller offered to sell the snake to Matthews and his drunken pals.

His solicitor, Richard Baker, told magistrates in Coventry that the group were all the worse for wear.

The python was stolen with eight others from an outhouse in Coventry in January.

Police told pet shops about the raid and the next day a local reptile store got a call from Matthews asking if they wanted to buy a snake.

He was also told to pay 85 pound costs and an 80 pound victim surcharge.

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