Man bludgeons sister-in-law after squabble

May 01, 2013, 06:32 IST | Shiva Devnath

The 20-year-old accused had slapped the woman in a fit of rage; when her husband thrashed him as punishment and threw him out of his house, the youth snuck in through the window at night and killed her to avenge himself

The Dahisar police are on the lookout for a 20-year-old man who allegedly killed his sister-in-law and injured his 16-year-old cousin on Monday. The two had squabbled violently on Saturday.

The victim Sanju had come to the city to pay her husband a visit, and brought along her niece Neetu. They were scheduled to return to their village on May 8, but tragedy struck when Sanju was killed brutally by Jitendra (in white shirt), her brother-in-law; Neetu, who witnessed the crime, was also injured

According to the police, the accused, identified as Jitendra Dubey, works for an embroidery unit. For the past four years, he had been staying with his cousin Satyaprakash Dubey, a taxi driver. Satyaprakash used to cook for Jitendra and his brother Dinesh and was paid Rs 2,300 for his services. Satyaprakash’s wife Sanju stayed in their native village.

On March 6, Sanju came to the city to pay her husband a visit, and brought along her niece Neetu. The two were scheduled to return to their village on May 18 for a wedding. On Saturday, trouble started brewing when Jitendra returned to Satyaprakash’s home late and demanded food. This irked Sanju, who abused Jitendra. The two began squabbling. As soon as Satyaprakash left for his night shift, Jitendra slapped Sanju.

“While arguing with Sanju, Jitendra slapped her and stormed out of the house. When Satyaprakash returned, Sanju complained to him about the assault. Outraged, Satyaprakash called Jitendra over and thrashed him for having raised his hand on his wife. Satyaprakash told Jitendra that he was no longer welcome to his home,” said Ansar Peerzade, senior inspector of Dahisar police station.

Angry at being thrown out, Jitendra decided to punish Sanju. On Monday night, after Satyaprakash left for his night shift, Jitendra sneaked into the house through the window while both the women were asleep. “Jitendra then wrapped a brick in Sanju’s dupatta and smashed her head with it. When Neetu got up, she saw Jitendra assaulting Sanju. When she screamed, he gagged her and hit her on the head, after which she fell unconscious,” said Peerzade.

Last morning, Neetu regained consciousness and called all the neighbours. “We are tracking Jitendra’s mobile phone. Such a trivial quarrel cannot be the reason behind such a gruesome murder. We are recording statements of Neetu and Satyaprakash to find out if there was any other motive,” added Peerzade.

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