Man bludgeons wife, spruces up and then surrenders to police

Feb 06, 2013, 08:24 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Blinded by rage after almost a year of continuous quarrels with his wife, a man used a weightlifting bar to smash her head on yesterday morning and then casually walked into the police station all spruced up and fresh and told the police what he had done moments ago.

Officials present at the Market yard police station were stunned into silence when Sidhram Dongare (24) walked in and narrated what he had just done to his wife Shobha Dongare (22). The couple got married in April last year and resided in Premnagar under the Market Yard police station limits. According to the police, they used to constantly quarrel over trivial issues, and each time Shobha this happened, she used to leave her husband’s home and go to Mumbai to stay at her father’s home in Vashi, New Mumbai. 

Long-standing feud: Officials of the Market Yard police station inspect the blood stained room where Sidhram Dongare killed wife (Inset) Shobha Dongare with a weightlifting bar yesterday morning

Sidhram works as a networking engineer with a private firm and his mother used to live with them in Premnagar. “As per the statement given by the accused when he arrived at the police station, he killed his wife following a dispute yesterday morning,” said Police Inspector Sanjay Karyekar of the Market Yard police station.

Karyekar added that Sidhram stated that his wife often used to go to his father-in-law’s house in Mumbai and her frequent visits made him angry, leading to raging fights. The police also said that Sidhram doubted his wife’s character and used to beat her.

“On Monday evening, the couple had a major quarrel and deceased threatened to go to Vashi and never return. Sidhram beat her black and blue the previous night, and finally killed her with a weightlifting bar when the quarrel re-erupted yesterday morning,” Karyekar said.

“The impact was so great that Shobha died on the spot from severe head injuries and blood loss,” Karyekar said. Sidhram’s mother had left the house early in the morning and did not witness what had happened.

“After killing his wife, the accused freshened up, changed his clothes and came to the station and said that he had just killed his wife,” Karyekar said.

The police rushed to the crime scene and found Shobha in a pool of blood. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was declared brought dead.

Shobha’s father Bhimashankar Mane (50), a resident of Vashi registered the case against his son-in-law with the Market Yard police station.

In his complaint, he alleged that Sidhram used to harass his daughter for petty reasons and often brutally beat. He also claims that Sidhram was unhappy as his daughter often visited Vashi.

“We have arrested the accused under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC and will produce him before the court on Wednesday,” Karyekar said.  

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