Man changes sex on Facebook to befriend, harass woman

May 11, 2012, 06:55 IST | Vinay Dalvi

The accused created a profile with a woman's name, used it to befriend a media professional, harassed her with phone calls, then put up her name and phone number on his page inviting calls for 'free sex'

A 25-year-old man from Buldhana has been arrested by the Mumbai Cyber Crime cell for allegedly creating a fake profile on Facebook using a woman’s name, and using it to first befriend, then harass a media professional in Mumbai. 

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When the victim, Kalpana (name changed), realised that the accused Shyam Gajanan Bahekar was actually a man and refused to speak with him, he posted her name and number on the page he had created, inviting people to call if they wanted ‘free sex’.

Bahekar first created a fake profile and sent a friend request to Kalpana. Thinking that the request was from a school friend, Kalpana accepted it. Kalpana then received a message from the profile, asking for her cell phone number. Her ‘friend’ also provided ‘her’ mobile number, saying that ‘she’ needed to speak to Kalpana immediately. After waiting for a few days, Kalpana called the number, revealed a police officer from the Cyber Crime cell.

To her surprise, the call was answered by a man who identified himself as Javed, telling her that he was her school friend’s boyfriend. Smelling a rat, Kalpana tried to terminate the conversation, but Javed insisted that they talk to each other and become friends. Kalpana refused. “Javed then started calling her continuously, relentlessly asking her to befriend him,” said a police officer.

A few days later, Kalpana learnt from one of her friends that her number was floating around on Facebook, accompanying an ad for ‘free sex.’ She immediately registered an FIR and the police ultimately tracked down Bahekar who had created the fake profile to befriend girls. Cops revealed that Bahekar got a divorce two months ago, and runs a medical store. 

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