Man continues to harass woman after arrest, court denies him bail

Apr 17, 2014, 07:14 IST | Sagar Rajput

The accused had been arrested last year after calling a woman 6,000 times; out on bail, he called her again on her wedding day and threatened her; Court denied him bail the second time round

The Kurla Metropolitan Magistrate recently cancelled the bail application of a man, when it emerged that he had continued to harass the woman who had lodged a case against him, while the case was being heard in court.

Mohitkumar Nankau Verma (22) had harassed the complainant even on the day of her wedding, following which he was taken into custody. When he applied for bail, the court denied it to him.

Last year, mid-day had reported on the plight of a Sion-based teacher subjected to the relentless overtures of Verma, who would call her 150 times a day, from 64 different mobile phone numbers (‘Man harassed 22-year-old using 64 mobile numbers’ February 15).

After receiving about 6,000 phone calls, the woman complained to the Sion police, prompting them to arrest him. In course of the trial, the accused was released on bail. Not learning a lesson, Verma called the victim on the day of her wedding and threatened to kill her.

When the court was informed about this, Verma’s bail application was cancelled. The complainant said, “The court’s decision has given me great relief. I have been following up on the case so that women stand up against harassment.”

Her lawyer, Ashok Shahani, added, “ Such orders of cancellation of bail are very rare. The court had considered this case in detail and justice appears to have been delivered.”

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