Man hacks wife's lover to death

Oct 10, 2011, 08:22 IST | Shiva Devnath

After Javed discovered that his wife Shruti was involved in an adulterous relationship with call centre employee Naved, he stabbed him to death -- so hard that the weapon broke in two -- as wife looked on

After Javed discovered that his wife Shruti was involved in an adulterous relationship with call centre employee Naved, he stabbed him to death -- so hard that the weapon broke in two -- as wife looked on

A Santacruz-based couple was arrested by the police on Saturday, on charges of planning and executing the murder of a 22-year-old call centre employee.

Brutal: The accused, Javed Shaikh (left), who allegedly killed Mahim
resident Naved (right) for having an affair with his wife Shruti (covering
her head). The crime occurred on the terrace of Riddhi Siddhi Building (
topmost) at Santacruz on Saturday

The accused husband, identified as Javed Shaikh (36), is an employee of a cloth dying company, and allegedly killed Mahim resident Naved, after learning that his wife, the other accused, was involved in a romantic liaison with the latter. According to police reports, Javed stabbed Naved so brutally that the murder weapon broke in two pieces.

According to the Santacruz police, Javed and Shruti (28) live near the Milan Subway. They have two children.
Shruti had met Naved at the mobile repair shop that belonged to his friend Naeem Khan (33), located below the Riddhi Siddhi building near Santacruz station, which houses Shruti's father's residence.

The two soon became embroiled in a covert affair, and would conduct their secret trysts on the terrace of the building, whenever Shruti visited her parents.

Unexpected walk-in
According to investigating cops, Javed would often stay away from home on work. Upon returning unannounced one night, he chanced upon his wife and her lover in an intimate moment.

After Naved left, an enraged Javed ordered his intimidated wife to arrange for a meeting with him. Under duress, Shruti arranged for a meeting with Naved on Saturday at their usual spot on the terrace. At 3.30 pm, an unsuspecting Naved arrived, unaware that his lover's husband was waiting to exact revenge. Shaikh immediately pounced on him with a chopper, and stabbed him repeatedly, also slitting his throat. Naved fell on the ground. It was at this point that he received a call from Naeem, who had suspected that something had gone awry.

According to Naeem's statement to the police, a heavily bleeding Naved told him of the circumstances, and gave him his location, asking him to get police help. The couple, unaware that a phone call had alerted Naeem, stayed on at the scene of crime to ensure that Naved died.

Caught in the act
"We received a call from Naeem and rushed a beat marshal to the spot. On reaching the terrace, they apprehended Shaikh and Shruti," said senior inspector Madhukar Chowdhury of Santacruz police station.

Meanwhile, Naeem and other cops rushed Naved to the hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

The police presented Shaikh and Shruti before the holiday court yesterday, after which they were remanded to police custody for a day. Cops have also recovered parts of the broken murder weapon from the scene.

Nasir, Naved's father, said, "The girl would often visit us. We considered her as a prospective bride for our son, as we had no idea that she was married to another man. We even sold our jewellery and gave her Rs 1.5 lakh on one occasion, when she told us she had some family problems."

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