Man headbutts girlfriend

Sep 24, 2012, 10:10 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Fractures her nasal bone after she catches him with another woman at his rented apartment in Hadapsar

Shalini (name changed) was assaulted by her boyfriend with whom she had been in a ‘serious’ relationship for the past year-and-a-half.

The incident occurred after Shalini caught her boyfriend Abhishek Sharma (24) at his residence with another girl Niharika Baradwaaj (23), who also assaulted her.

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Shalini, a software engineer with a renowned IT company, in her statement claimed that Sharma and Baradwaaj had manhandled her. She also said Sharma headbutted her, following which, she fractured her nasal bone and was rushed to a private hospital.

Following her treatment, Shalini approached officials at the Hadapsar police station and lodged a complaint against Sharma and Baradwaaj.

The duo was arrested on Friday under Sections 325, 323, 504 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code.

Arrested: Abhishek Sharma

“We were in a serious relationship for the last one-and-a-half-year and were supposed to get married soon. Most of the time Abhishek would spend time at my place in Kondhwa and would say that he was serious about our relationship.

But lately I felt he was cheating on me as I had found some lewd chats on his computer with a Canadian girl,” Shalini said. “When I confronted him, he apologised and promised that he would not indulge in such acts again. I too let him go that time, but he continued exchanging lewd chats behind my back.”

Shalini said as time passed, Sharma’s behaviour changed. He became disturbed and started arguing over petty issues and alleged that their relationship had taken a toll on his career and life.

“His allegations hurt me because they were baseless. I had been giving him his space and even spent a lakh for his visa, as he wanted to go abroad to start a career,” Shalini said.  In her statement to the police, Shalini narrated the incident that left her with a fractured nasal bone.

“It was my birthday on September 7. Abhishek came to my place with a cake and we celebrated the occasion. He stayed back that night.

The next day he told me that he had to head to his flat in Amanora Apartment at Hadapsar as he wanted to prepare for an interview.

I also wanted him to have his space, so I allowed him to leave,” Shalini said. “When I called him in the night he said that he was watching a movie, but he sounded drunk and I felt that he was having a party as I could hear music in the background.”

Shalini wasn’t able to get through to Sharma for the rest of the night. She felt something was amiss and decided to check on Sharma on personally.
“When I entered his building, the security guard stopped me from going upstairs.

He said that I should not go up, as I would not be happy to see whatever was happening inside the flat. After hearing this, I called Abhishek and asked him about his whereabouts. He told me that he was sleeping. Then I told him that I was downstairs and it was a surprise visit,” Shalini said.

Shalini said this irked Sharma and he asked her to go home.  “I then went up to his flat along with the security guard and asked him to ring the doorbell, as there is a security camera on the door with which the person inside can see who is at the door. After ten minutes Abhishek opened the door and came out with a girl and started abusing me.

They both manhandled and beat me and ran downstairs. I too ran after them. In the parking area, Abhishek caught me by neck and head-butted my nose. They then fled the spot, leaving me injured and bleeding. I fractured my nasal bone. I then called my father’s friend who rushed me to the hospital,” Shalini said. 

API Satish Chavan of the Hadapsar police station said Sharma and Bhardwaaj were arrested for assaulting Shalini.  She said after realising that the police were on the lookout for him, Sharma started sending her threat mails and pings. “I then approached the Kondhwa police station and registered a complaint against him,” Shalini said. 

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