Man hiccupping endlessly for last 14 months

Sep 06, 2013, 05:01 IST | ANI

In a bizarre incident, a man from Ireland has been suffering from a chronic condition called 'synchronous diaphragmatic flutter', due to which he has been hiccupping every seven seconds since last July

The 37-year old Daniel Clavin has had an estimated 5.25 million hiccups since the morning after he attended a stag party, where he had the usual mix of beer and spirits, in July 2012, the Mirror reported.

Due to this problem, Clavin sometimes passes out or stays awake all night, and has spent several nights in the spare room so that his wife Susan can sleep.

The BT software worker, who has undergone endoscopies, a cat scan, changed his diet, taken tranquillisers and seen a chiropractor in search of a cure, added that sometimes, he can’t breathe for 30 seconds as it locks up his diaphragm. 

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