Man lured his dog with chocolate drops and candlelight to have sex with it

Apr 17, 2012, 09:18 IST | ANI

A Swiss man has admitted luring his dog with chocolate drops and candlelight before having sex with it

The 25-year-old admitted romping with his male Appenzeller, Blaessli since 2008.

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He even wore the dog’s collar to court in Liestal, Switzerland as a sign of affection and called it his “life partner”.

Apparently, he was not faithful to it, as he admitted bedding two other dogs during his relationship with Blaessli.

He has been given a suspended eight-month jail sentence after promising to undergo psychiatric counselling, the Sun reported.
According to a survey held last year, upto 275,000 Swiss people in a population of 8 million, have sex with animals.

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