Man murders kin for mother-in-law's love

Jun 30, 2012, 06:02 IST | Akela

Feeling neglected, jealousy drove man to murder his wife's sister's husband, who he felt was more loved

While most men have a hard time pleasing their mother-in-laws, Vinod Sonavane went the extra mile to gain the affection of his. Vimal Jadhav (48), a mother of two daughters would have never imagined the extent that one of her sons-in-law would go to earn some extra affection over the other.

Maternal matters: The deceased (inset) Manish Milind Shinde. The accused in the custody of the Kalyan railway police. Pics/Navneet Barhate

With the arrest of three persons, the government railway police (GRP), Kalyan have solved the murder case of Manish Shinde (22), whose body was discovered near Umarmala station. The main accused, Vinod Sampat Sonavane, who is married to Shinde’s wife’s sister, had murdered him because their mother-in-law allegedly liked Shinde more.

On June 14, Kasara GRP recovered Shinde’s body by the tracks near Umarmala railway station, which was registered as an accidental death. However on June 20, Shinde’s own mother, Rama Shinde (50) registered a case of murder.

Senior Inspector Arun Jagtap formed a special team headed by Inspector (crime) NH Shaikh. Police collected data from Shinde’s mobile phone. On the basis of mobile phone records, police interrogated Sonavane, during which he broke down and confessed.

In his statement to the police, he explained that their mother-in-law liked Shinde more than him. As his jealousy for Shinde grew, so did his malice, till he ultimately decided to kill him. On June 13 he took Shinde near Umarmala railway station, and lynched him with the help of two friends. The police have also arrested the accomplices, Sainath alias Sai Suresh Kene (28) and Shailesh alias Babu Sopan Talape (26), who are residents of Badalapur.

“The accused confessed that his mother-in-law was giving preferential treatment to Shinde, and she was neglecting him, so he killed Shinde,” said Arun Jagtap, senior inspector.

Shinde, who resided at Phule-Buddh Nagar, Thane was a driver, and his mother Rama, is an employee in Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC). The accused, Sonavane, is a resident of Mulund. 

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