Man picked up by Mumbai Crime Branch was Delhi police informer

May 23, 2013, 01:26 IST | Shiva Devnath

A ccusing the Mumbai police of getting back at them for garnering all the accolades in the spot-fixing scandal, sources in the Delhi police yesterday said that the Mumbai Crime Branch officers have arrested the man who had tipped them off about the betting racket in the IPL matches.

Mumbai Crime Branch officers had arrested Prem Taneja from his Andheri (W) residence on Tuesday on the grounds that he was a pimp, who also acted as a conduit for bookies. The move has not gone down well with Delhi police officials, who confronted the city cops via a telephonic conversation, also informing them that Taneja was their informer, said a source from Delhi police.

Taneja, who resides at Yari Road in Andheri (W) along with his wife, is alleged to be an informer of the Delhi police, who indulged in gambling himself and was said to be in touch with several bookies. Although Taneja is involved in the betting racket, he had played a vital role in the arrest of the three IPL players by the Delhi police, said the source.

Rahul Mahajan case
According to the source, after Taneja’s arrest, the Delhi police officers had told the city police that he was an informer, but the Mumbai police paid no heed to them.

According to Crime Branch officers, Taneja was also involved in the Rahul Mahajan-Vivek Maitra drugs case a few years ago. Taneja was then detained after it was revealed that his name was on both Sahil Zaroo’s and Abdullah’s mobile phones.

Zaroo had helped procure the heroin for the ill-fated party at Mahajan’s house, and Abdullah, a peddler, had sold the drug to Zaroo. Meanwhile, Taneja’s brothers claimed that they were aware that Taneja used to place bets in cricket matches, but they were unaware he was an informer for the Delhi police. Taneja, according to his family, had moved to Mumbai 12 years ago from Delhi. 

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