Man pimps wife, tells police she runs sex racket

Sep 28, 2013, 02:10 IST | Sagar Rajput

In a tale of horror scripted in Mumbai and Dubai, the accused tried to force the woman into prostitution, and on failing, he called the cops on her and sold her house

It was a marriage of convenience for Sheikh Akbar Mohommad Latif Yakub. For wife Nazia (name changed), however, it was a never-ending nightmare. Soon after the two got hitched in 2003, Yakub sent the victim back to her parents, demanding Rs 2.5 lakh.

Hubby from hell: Sheikh Akbar Mohommad Latif Yakub hosted parties and invited men to his house in Dubai and forced his wife to sleep with them

The accused then showed up at her doorstep a few days later, saying he had left his house in the city and had secured a job in Dubai through his friend Raju Pudi, for which he needed Rs 25,000.

“My parents gave him the money, and in 2005, he called me to Dubai. On reaching there I was shocked by his behaviour and his aberrant demands for sex,” the woman said in her statement to the police.

Molested by guests
Yakub started organising late-night parties in Dubai and often silently disappeared from the house, leaving Nazia at the mercy of his friends. “The men then molested me, and when I narrated the horror to my husband, he said they were tycoons and would pay good money if I slept with them. I fought with Yakub many times, and once even tried committing suicide because there was no one in Dubai who could help me,” the victim said.

Flight to Mumbai
Then Nazia got pregnant. Yakub promptly got her a plane ticket to Mumbai and while seeing her off, he asked her not to disclose anything that had happened in Dubai to her relatives. “In 2006 I gave birth to Zyan and started working as a beautician in order to make ends meet. Later, I even bought a house in Malvani with the help of my parents.

Because of this, Yakub started asking me to come back and I refused. However, he insisted and promised that he would treat me well. So finally, I returned to Dubai, but all his assurances turned out to be lies,” said the victim.

Illegal racket
Nazia came back to Mumbai again, but relief was fleeting, as Yakub followed her. The victim also complained that her husband and his friend Pudi might be involved in other criminal activities too. Police had once arrested Pudi as he was in the business of helping people travel to foreign countries for jobs, based on forged documents.

“Yakub became a frequent visitor to Mumbai and he began coaxing me to get back into ‘the business’. He again started organising late-night parties and leaving me in the house with his friends who sexually assaulted me,” said the victim.

Yakub then extracted some money from Nazia’s parents for a MHADA flat. “He realised that I was of no use to him because I wasn’t letting him sell me to people. He then decided to get money by selling my other house. On August 18 this year, one of my husband’s friends, Wasim, visited me at the MHADA flat and said that Yakub was trying to contact me over the phone repeatedly but without success,” added the victim. ‘he looted my house and sold it’ Earlier, Yakub had called her asking for Rs 9 lakh, saying he would be arrested if he didn’t pay the sum to someone. 

“So, I thought he was in some trouble. As I ran out of the house, cops entered, and my husband’s friend claimed that I was running a prostitution racket. They took me to the police station,” Nazia said.

When police officials let her go, the victim returned to her Malvani home only to find that her husband had changed the locks, her valuables were gone, and the house was being sold. “Nobody helped her initially, but then we visited the additional commissioner of police. He said that this was a serious offence and a case was registered by Malvani police on Wednesday. We are now going to file a habeas corpus petition in the High Court, asking for the husband and his relatives to be booked for kidnapping,” said advocate Naveen Chomal.

Slew of charges
The accused has been booked under sections 377 (unnatural sex), 498 A (dowry), 354, and 354 A (molestation), 406 (punishment for criminal breach of trust) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code. He is absconding and a lookout notice has been issued. 

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