Man rescues parrot from busy road; gets verbally abused by bird in return!

Jul 30, 2013, 09:05 IST | ANI

George, an African Grey parrot reportedly lashed the man with verbal assualts the man who tried to rescue it from a busy road

The bird apparently told him to “b***er off” before pecking him wildly.

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The Good Samaritan finally managed to get the abusive bird into his car and took him to a nearby vet.

The parrot attacked the staff there with its sharp claws.

Hayley Thompson, the veterinary nurse said that the parrot was very grumpy and refused to accept help by constantly lashing out at them, according to reports.

The parrot was spotted wandering in the traffic at Guiseley, West Yorks, after escaping through an open window from its owner Ben Homer’s home in Leeds. 

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