Man rushes to the aid of 80-yr-old who was suing him

Published: Dec 20, 2012, 09:34 IST | Samarth Moray |

A retired brigadier was the first to lend a helping hand to the former Army Captain who died in High Court; the duo were in court disputing a case over parking space

In the throes of death, a retired Indian Army captain who breathed his last in the High Court was helped by none other than the brigadier he was suing. According to police, both men — former armed forces personnel — were litigating over parking spaces for their bicycles.

Mumbai High-Court
Court drama: Singh realised that Duggal was having trouble breathing and immediately rushed to his aid, but it was too late. Representation pic

On Tuesday, Inder Mohan Duggal (80), a resident of Kondwa near Pune was in court waiting for his case to be heard against his neighbour Brigadier Aseel Singh (retd). The two Kondwa residents were involved in a dispute over parking space for their bicycles.

They had arrived for their hearing before Justice KU Chandiwal and were waiting for their matter to be called out when suddenly Singh realised that Duggal was having trouble breathing and immediately rushed to his aid. “Surprisingly, Singh was the first to rush to Duggal’s aid. He even helped the police to shift the body,” said a police officer, adding that Duggal was rushed to GT Hospital but was declared dead before admission.

Commenting on the duo, the officer further said, “The two officers were already fighting when the matter over their parking space was dragged to court.”

According to the officer, the men would travel from Pune for every hearing and even fought their case in person, without advocates representing them.

Confirming the incident, a court official said, “The incident took place about 11.30 am, during peak hours. There was a crowd of lawyers before the court and Duggal was sitting behind. Someone suddenly came and asked for water, but by then it was too late as he had already passed away.

The judge paused the hearing and asked that he be given medical attention, after which the hearings resumed.” 

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