Man steals sacrificial goats, sells them for Rs 50k

Sep 25, 2013, 11:55 IST | Sagar Rajput

The JJ Marg police on Sunday arrested a man who used to steal sacrificial goats meant for the festival of Bakri Eid, from residents of south Mumbai

The accused Prakash Waghmare (35), a resident of Antop Hill, was arrested red-handed while stealing a goat from Antop Hill, following a tip-off to the police from a source.

According to officials at the JJ Marg police station, there have been five complaints of goat thefts in the last month. The cops claimed that Waghmare stole goats from Antop Hill and sold them in places like Deonar and Bhiwandi for Rs 50,000.

A police officer from J J Marg police station said, “Till a few months ago, Waghmare was a pickpocket and a petty thief, robbing valuables from people. But for the last month, he has been stealing goats.”

Before the sacrifice on Bakri Eid, which falls on October 15 this year, people provide their goats with proper food and good care.

These goats are usually tied to a tree or post outside a house. Between 3-4 am, Waghmare would drive up to the house in his car. He would go up to the goat, cut the rope and take the goat with him in his car.

When asked whether the accused worked with a gang, the officer said, “We are trying to find out, but the accused hasn’t revealed anything. He has only disclosed the places where he sold these goats.”

Of the five complaints of stolen goats registered at the J J Marg police station, the police have successfully recovered two goats. “We have kept them in a proper animal shelter and the owners have been informed. They can take back their respective goats after claiming them in court,” added the officer.

The accused has been booked under Section 379 (theft) of the IPC, and has been remanded to police custody till September 27.

Rs 15,000
Average cost of a small goat at the Deonar cattle market 

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