Man suffering from amnesia wakes up from operation to realise his wife is attractive

Sep 14, 2013, 04:24 IST | ANI

A man, who was still wonky from the effects of anesthesia after a hernia operation, was surprised to learn that the beautiful woman sitting next to his hospital bed was actually his wife

In the video, which was filmed by the man’s wife Candice, Jason Mortensen can be seen asking the woman if the doctor had sent her, adding that she may be the prettiest woman he has ever seen, reported.

Jason, who was suffering temporary amnesia, then asked his wife if she was a model by any chance.

The video then shows Candice informing her hubby of six years about their marital status and Jason is clearly surprised by the news.

Jason then asserted in the video that he had hit the jackpot with his wife.

And, even though Jason did not remember the conversation with his wife after the anesthesia wore off, he did recall that Candice was the love of his life. 

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