Man tries to set son on fire, gets bludgeoned by him in return

Apr 04, 2012, 06:44 IST | Shiva Devnath

21-year-old smashed father's head with a stone, two days after the latter tried to set him on fire over an altercation about drugs; sat for an hour watching father bleed to death

Cops have arrested a 21-year-old youth in a gruesome case of revenge patricide. The accused, who bludgeoned his father at their Malwani residence to exact revenge, reportedly sat by his father’s dead body for over an hour, before being discovered. 

Action: Father Zaheer and son Irfan fight it out over drugs, after which the former sets the house on fire, to set sleeping son ablaze. Irfan wakes up in the nick of time. A day later, Irfan smashes his father’s head with a stone, and watches him bleed to death

According to Malwani police, the accused, identified as Irfan Shaikh, was unemployed. His father, the victim Zaheer Shaikh (44), was a zari worker. Two days ago, the two were embroiled in a heated argument, which culminated in Zaheer trying to set his son on fire.

To avenge himself, Irfan smashed his father’s head with a paver block on Monday evening. The father-son duo had fought violently while consuming charas, over their share of drugs. In a fit of rage, Zaheer poured kerosene over the furniture in the house as Irfan slept, to set the house ablaze.

“The incident occurred at 2.30 pm two days ago. When Irfan’s mother, a domestic help, returned home from work, she saw her husband coming down the stairs.

Seeing her, he told her to rescue her son if she wanted to see him alive. Before she could rush up, Irfan came tearing down, having been woken up by the heat before the flames could engulf him,” said A Shaikh, senior police inspector of Malwani police station.

When neighbours informed the local cops, Zaheer was detained for a while, but was let off with a warning when Irfan showed reluctance to file a complaint.
On Monday night, during another charas session at their residence, Irfan waited patiently till his father started showing signs of intoxication.

“Irfan then picked up the paver’s block that they used to support their cupboard, and smashed his father’s head with it. At 9 pm, when Irfan’s friend Jimar Khan (24) went over to his house, he saw the latter sitting by his father’s dead body, blood oozing from its head.

The block was still in his hand,” said Shaikh. Jimar informed the police, who reached the spot and arrested Irfan on charges of murder. “A few years ago, Zaheer’s brother-in-law, an Andheri resident, was killed in the same manner by his son,” added Shaikh. 

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