Man turns to murder for tantric treatment

Feb 17, 2012, 09:09 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Confesses to crime in order to get his STD treated from a tantrik baba

Confesses to crime in order to get his STD treated from a tantrik baba

The stigma attached to contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is quite painful and often people go to great lengths to rid themselves of both the stigma and the disease. However, in this case, a man took the extreme step of murdering another to generate money to rid himself of an STD with the help of a tantrik.

Crime of passion? The trio consisting of Ajay Gupta, Ramu Paswan and
Raj Kumar bound Hoshang Boman, removed his clothes, gagged him, and
then killed him. Representation pic

Rajkumar, a watchman at Northern Star building, Jed Garden, Dahisar, has confessed that he murdered 56-year-old Hoshang Boman on December 25, last year, so that he could steal his money and use it for his treatment. He confessed to the MHB police that he murdered Boman and stole valuables worth
Rs 1.5 lakh with his two accomplices as the tantrik, whom he had gone to for his health problems had promised to treat him for Rs 1 lakh. "Rajkumar had gone to a tantrik and told him about his problem following which the tantrik had asked him to pay Rs 1 lakh for a cure," confirmed Rajaram Vanmane, senior police inspector of the Anti-Robbery Cell.

The MHB police found the dead body of 56-year-old dead Boman at his residence. Boman was stripped naked, his hands tied and his mouth covered with tape. Belongings and money from the house were missing, which lead the police to suspect robbery as the motive.

Investigations had revealed that Boman was a homosexual and would often invite teenage boys to his home.
"During investigations, we learnt that Hoshang used to bring a lot of teenagers to his house as he was homosexual," said ACP Praful Bhosale (Anti Robbery Cell).

"Additionally, Ajay Gupta, Ramu Paswan and Raj Kumar's names came up during investigations. However, when we tried to find them, they were missing, that made us suspicious," he added.

The police learnt that Hoshang was intimate with the three men and had even told them about the sale of an apartment in Bandra for Rs 3 crore. "Sensing the perfect opportunity, Rajkumar asked Boman for some money but when he refused the trio decided to kill Boman and fled with his valuables," added Bhosale.
The police are on the lookout for the other two, who are absconding.

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