Man to undergo sex swap at 80!

Apr 30, 2012, 12:11 IST | IANS

A nearly 80-year-old man in Britain is all set to undergo a sex change with a 13,500 pounds (about $21,960) National Health Service operation

Ruth Rose, a former Royal Air Force (RAF) officer and grandad of four who used to be called James, will become the oldest person in Britain to have the procedure, a major newspaper reported.

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He dreamt of being a woman from the age of nine. But it is only now - nearly 70 years on and after a successful flying career - that he plans to go ahead to fulfill the long cherished dream.

Rose, of Newhaven, East Sussex, said: "It's gorgeous to be who I am at long last.

"My life has blossomed beyond all recognition since I made the decision."

The dad of three decided to live fully as a woman in public two years ago.

Despite his age, doctors have scheduled the surgery for October next year - after he turns 80 - at London's Charing Cross Hospital. He turns 79 next month.

In the meantime, Rose is being treated with NHS-prescribed hormone therapy.

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