Manache Ganpati lead by example

Sep 20, 2013, 01:27 IST | Priyankka Deshpande and Anup Satphale

Abide by rules set by city police for glitch-free visarjan, avoid playing gongs

A major chunk of credit for early closure of visarjan in the city, a good 90 minutes earlier than what it was last year, should be given to the Manache Ganpati.

These mandals followed every possible rule and regulation implemented by the city police for a smoother visarjan by avoiding time gaps for starting their respective processions. But the only thing obvious that affected the discipline was the downpour.

Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Ya... People throng to bid adieu to Kasba Peth Ganpati, which is the pahila Manacha Ganpati, near Samadhan Chowk. PIC/Krunal Gosavi

Following an aarti by Mayor Chanchala Kodre and Deputy Chief Minister and Guardian Minister of Pune district Ajit Pawar, the immersion procession commenced at 10.30 am . 

The procession then went to the Belbag Chowk from Mandai followed Tilak Chowk aka Alka Chowk, the final destination. Apart from starting their respective processions on time, all the five Manache Ganpati hurried through the performances of their dhol-tasha pathaks to avoid wasting time.

While the Kasaba Ganpati, pahila Manacha Ganpati, reached Tilak Chowk at 2.15 pm and was as immersed by 3.15 pm, the Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganesh, dusra Manacha Ganpati, was immersed at 3.30 pm.

However, the procession for Ganpati Guruji Talim was disrupted due to the downpour, which lasted for 90 minutes. But the procession commenced soon after the downpour seized, and the immersion took place at 5.15 pm.

While the chautha Manacha Ganpati of Tulshibaug Mandal was immersed soon after, the pachwa Manacha Ganpati from Kesariwadi Mandal was finally immersed at 6.45 pm.

To their credit, none of the five mandals played gongs during the procession. The police had banned gongs, stating that the musical instrument added to the noise pollution.  

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