Mandira Bedi's wardrobe tales

Nov 02, 2014, 09:00 IST | Nikshubha Garg

Nikshubha Garg catches up with actor, model, anchor and recently-turned fashion designer Mandira Bedi at her Bandra residence to find out what helps her make her style statement

She took the television world by storm when she debuted as Shanti in the eponymous, popular soap opera in 1994. Since then Mandira Bedi has had a successful stint as an actor, model, anchor and now a fashion designer. But over the years, apart from showcasing her talent in the aforementioned fields, the 42-year-old has also been noticed for her fashion sensibilities. Remember the noodle-strap blouses that became a rage when she hosted the Cricket World Cup in 2003? Or the pixie haircut she started sporting in 2009? It all became a style statement. But what’s her personal style?

Mandira Bedi
Pics/Syed Sameer Abedi

1. Stay simple: Mandira Bedi likes to keep it simple while making a statement. Here, she is wearing custom-made earrings, a Mariam Khan neck piece, a Bershka ganji, a Gucci crossover bag, True Religion jeans, a Cartier watch (which is her favourite brand) and Steve Madden Shoes.

2. Night out: For a night out, the actress often opts for a short dress and the highest pair of heels she possesses. Here, she sports custom-made diamond earrings, a Swapnil Shinde pink dress, a Tory Burch bag, a Rolex watch and Jimmy Choo heels

3. Festive spirit: Mandira loves sarees for festivals. Here, she is wearing silver jewellery from Silver House, Colaba, a saree from her own label, a golden lycra blouse, a Bottega clutch, a Cartier watch and beige-coloured heels from Singapore.

We meet the actress at her Bandra residence and she looks sporty chic in a pair of jeans, sky-blue ganji and wedges. “This is how Mandira Bedi is always dressed,” she tells us adding that she prefers to wear clothes she is comfortable in rather than follow trends blindly.

“It’s important to know your body-type and personality. I would hate to make a style statement in something, which I’m not confident in. For instance, long casual dresses are not my style because they don’t suit my body type. In my head, they are ‘nighties’,” explains the actress.

“On the other hand, jumpsuits are my go-to-piece of clothing because I can wear them anytime, anywhere,” she laughs.

‘Accessories make a difference’
While Bedi knows what suits her body, she also feels that accessories can make or break an outfit. “They work like magic. I remember I had to attend a Christmas party hosted by an NGO with children in Mumbai and on the same day fly to New Delhi to accept an award. I wore my reliable off-shoulder black jumpsuit and added a jacket on it for the NGO event. After the party, I took a flight to Delhi. When I was nearing the venue of the award function, I took the jacket off and added a statement neckpiece. I was completely ready for both the events just by adding different accessories,” explains the actor-turned-designer. Quiz her if she is a spendthrift when it comes to expensive brands and she says, “I don’t splurge. In fact, all the expensive brands that I possess are from India. We have better prices, you know,” says the TV host.

Necklace from Goa
Necklace from Goa, top and pair of shorts from Hill Road, Bandra

Street style: Mandira loves shopping off the street but admits that she does not go looking for products. However, all her workout T-shirts are bought from the streets

Her favourites
Bedi’s face lights up when we talk about her cricket anchoring days. “It was a lot of fun,” she quickly admits pulling out a pink Betty Boop T-shirt from her closet.

“While I was in England, a lot of people told me that I look like Betty Boop. Someone from the crew gave me a Betty Boop pocket mirror. Eventually I took affinity to the character myself and bought this T-shirt and till date it remains one of my favourite pieces in the closet. Even my son recognises it,” she laughs.

Flats from BCBG, sling bag from Kate Spade and summer dress from Elle
Flats from BCBG, sling bag from Kate Spade

summer dress from Elle
Summer dress from Elle

Sunday Brunch essentials: Sunday brunch means endless wine and conversation, great food and lounging around. Mandira sticks to clothes that help her unwind. Instead of heels, she opts for flats and adds some zing with silver bangles

She also shows us a jumpsuit in nude shade and a black-and-white short dress, which are among her favourites. “The best part about these outfits is that you can keep them simple, yet look ready for a party. Also, the shades are such that you can pair them with any accessory,” she explains.

Beige jumpsuit from Ococo
Beige jumpsuit from Ococo; dress from Bebe

Mandira’s favourites: I love these because they are simple and can be worn with a variety of accessories. “These are my go to clothes,” she says

The model admits that when it comes to style, she admires Shilpa Shetty and Deepika Padukone, thanks to their lean physique. “Shilpa and Deepika look great in everything,” she adds.

However, she confesses that though she follows trends closely, the latest trend of print on print baffles her. “I don’t understand clash of prints. Fashion experts all over the world are giving it a thumbs up, but I can never wear it,” she signs off.

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