Mango special: Ways of seasoning

Jun 03, 2012, 11:18 IST | Aviva Dharmaraj

The flesh of one of the most favoured fruits this season finds its way into savoury dishes. Five unusual ways you can enjoy the flavours of the mango in the city

Spiced cottage cheese parcels, steam-cooked in a banana leaf
Having to unwrap the starter to a glorious meal serves as a helpful reminder that food really is a gift from the gods. These glistening bits of wobbly cottage cheese get their sharpness from two types of kasundi, or mustard sauce, including one made with raw mangoes. It’s one of the few dishes at this Bengali restaurant that vegetarians can tuck into.

Prawns in a curry made with raw mango
The slightly spicy, coconut-based curry gets a sour kick from the raw mangoes used in the masala. The dish is a popular choice at this Malavani-style seafood chain that also dishes out some killer bombil fry. 

Gujju-style mango curry
The sour-sweet Gujarati kadi gets a makeover with aamras or mango pulp in this salty-sweet dal, best enjoyed over steamed rice. Served on Sundays throughout the month of May at outlets of this city-based thali chain. 

Raw mango strips doused in red chilli and salt
It might have ‘candy’ in its name, but the only thing sweet about this winkingly-good digestive that comes in 175 gm jars, is that it’s a treat for sour-seekers. Think of it as eating strips of a spicy, dried sour-mango pickle.

Mango purée with cheddar cheese
Pairing unlikely flavours together is part of the creative process at the Health Juice Centre. If the combination works for you, you might be happy to note that they are generous with the cheese and mango. Conventional tasters could opt instead for the Raw Mango and Pineapple juice.

And if you must have mango as a dessert, 3 places to head to

Asia 7
Aside from mango pancakes, diners can choose from mango daiquiris and margaritas, as well as grilled prawns in a mango and mint marinade at this Pan-Asian restaurant.

Café Mangii
These guys have introduced a mango menu to celebrate the King of Fruits. You can choose from cheesecake, mousse, tarts, and a mango-flavoured baked yoghurt as well as smoothies here.

Tiara at The Fern
The multi-cuisine restaurant and bar is hosting a Mango Dhamaal festival. The exotic-sounding desserts on the menu are the Mango Pistachio Parfait With Strawberry Pepper Coulis, the Mango Basil Melli Feulli With Mango Chili Sorbet, the Mango Chocolate Mud Cake With Strawberry Compote and the Caramelized Mango Tatin With Mango Ice Cream.

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