Manipuri student heads home

Aug 15, 2012, 07:42 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Premanand Khondram, a student of Poona College who was attacked by some unidentified persons on Saturday night, left for his hometown in Manipur on Sunday night.

He was targeted twice last week. The first attack occurred on August 8 near the college followed by another on August 11. “After the couple of incidents, Premanand was in a great shock. Since we belong to the same region, I brought him to my residence in Katraj where he was recuperating. 

But on Sunday evening he decided to go back to his hometown, as his parents were against the idea of letting him stay in the city any longer,” D R Ramanand, Khondram’s local acquaintance and an associate professor in a city college, said. “I tried persuading him to stay back and complete his course, but he had made up his mind and left for his hometown.”

Despite repeated attempts, Khondram remained unreachable. Poona College principal Dr G M Nazaruddin said that Khondram had not approached the college authorities and expressed his desire to discontinue education, nor did he ask for a leaving certificate. 

The Cantonment police station officials yesterday arrested Shahbaz Punjabi (24) and Sharukh Shaikh (20). Both were booked under relevant sections of the IPC. They were produced before the Pune Cantonment Court, and were released on bail.  

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