Manish Paul gets to shop for free in Dubai

Apr 15, 2013, 08:35 IST | Asira Tarannum

Here's why Manish Paul didn't have to pay for Rs 50,000 worth of purchases in Dubai

Sources say Manish Paul recently got lucky in Dubai. Apparently the TV host ran a bill of Rs 50,000 during a shopping spree at an exhibition-cum-sale at the desert emirate. However, at the time of paying the amount, Manish was pleasantly surprised when the owner of the store refused to charge him any money.

Manish Paul

The owner apparently is a big fan of Manish. The actor says, β€œI am a shopaholic and as soon as I stepped into the mall, I bought several things like clothes, perfumes, watches and footwear. When I shop, someone has to tell me to stop.”

The actor says he felt a bit embarrassed when the storeowner refused to accept any money. β€œIt was a really sweet gesture. He told me I could pick up more stuff if I wanted.”

Later Manish obliged the owner and his friends posing for photographs.

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