Many questions, few answers for interim chief Jagmohan Dalmiya

Jun 04, 2013, 08:37 IST | Elora Sen

Even as the Indian cricket fraternity frets and fumes over the fact that N Srinivasan is still, technically, not removed from the chair of BCCI president, the star of many battles Jagmohan Dalmiya remains cool

His appointment as only the “interim president” has given rise to more questions than answers about how he will deal with the latest spot fixing scandal that has hit the BCCI. But not one to run away from any crisis, Dalmiya was of the view that his role was a “limited” one.

Asked why he didn’t press for the resignation of Srinivasan, he said: “That is an old story now. There is no point discussing it. No one in the meeting really wanted him to resign. He has stepped aside and will not be interfering with the probe.”

Srinivasan’s stance that he had done nothing wrong though his son-in-law, Gurunath Meiyappan, has emerged as one of the main players in the betting/match-fixing scene has shocked and surprised many. But the BCCI supremo has stood firm that he would not be browbeaten into submission.

Whether he will really be off the scene as long as the BCCI inquiry into the allegation is on remains to be seen.

Dalmiya has been known as a tough crisis manager and the former ICC and BCCI president will perhaps be able to take tough calls if needed.

Asked how the BCCI can effectively have two presidents, he however said: “My role will be a limited one. I will be in charge only till the probe is over, maybe just for some weeks. After that, depending on the outcome of the probe action will be taken.”

Ever since the scandal broke, Dalmiya has maintained that keeping cricket clean should be the priority. After taking over as the interim man in charge, he iterated that. “No one who is found to be guilty will be allowed to get away. Obviously they will be punished.”

Dalmiya’s return to the chair is somewhat of a personal victory too. Having ruled the world of cricket with an iron fist, he was forced to leave in disgrace with allegations of corruption and criminal charges in 2006.

He not only cleared his name since, but faced with this fresh crisis, the current crop of BCCI leaders had to turn to this old warhorse for a solution. Only time will tell whether he is still the man for the job. 

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