Mariah Carey announces Bianca's comeback

Apr 17, 2016, 09:47 IST | The Hitlist Team

Hold your breath as Mariah Carey has announced Bianca's come back

Hold your breath as Mariah Carey has announced Bianca’s come back!

Mariah Carey

The 46-year-old Music Box singer took to her Twitter handle to share the news of her arch-nemesis, "Ladies and gentlemen... #Bianca.#Bianca returns."

Carey added a snap of the 30-year-old singer wearing a black, thong leotard, leggings and boots.

Bianca made her debut in Carey's Heartbreaker music video in 1999.

The music video for the hit single featured Carey joining her girlfriends for a trip to the movie theatre where, along with dancing around in her pink crochet crop top and low rise flare jeans, the singer spied on her boy-toy Jerry O’Connell while he was on a date with none other than Bianca.

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