Mariah Carey's sister wants reconciliation

May 28, 2012, 09:33 IST | PTI

Pop star Mariah Carey's estranged sister Alison, who is HIV positive, is desperate to mend her rift with the singer.

The 42-year-old singer and her elder sibling Alison Carey, a former prostitute and drug addict, have spoken just once since 1994 but Alison hopes they can reconcile as she wants to meet her niece and nephew, twins Moroccan and Monroe, who turned one last month, reported Sun online.

Mariah Carey. Pic/Santa Banta

"I want to reach out to my sister and tell her how much I miss her and how proud I am that we are family. We may be apart now, and it has been many years since we last spoke.

But to me, despite all the bad times and the arguments, she will always be my baby sister," said 50-year-old Alison. "I cannot put into words how moved I was to see pictures of my niece and nephew for the first time. I saw photographs of them on the television just after they were born and I saw more when they turned one recently," she added. 

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