Matthew McConaughey likes simple fashion

Aug 22, 2012, 08:26 IST | IANS

Actor Matthew McConaughey says he likes to keep his fashion statement simple, unlike those who try very hard with their fashion to look good, but end up looking bad.

"I do like to keep (my style) some what simple. I like fashion. I'm interested in it. You see some people with fashion and they try too hard and the clothes look like an accoutrement on them. The body, The Movement and The Fashion don't seem to be one," peoplemagazine quoted him as saying.

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey. Pic/AFP

The 42-year-old compares dressing badly to eating food in a restaurant. "It's almost like food. You have to have the product but you also have to have the presentation.

You've eaten at restaurants where the presentation is there but the food isn't. The two have to fit and feel like they're a pair," peoplemagazine quoted him as saying," he said.

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